Adsense Team Responds

I mentioned late last week that there was some talk about Smart Pricing, a technology Google Adsense uses to determine what sites/pages display what ads based on a number of different performance criteria. Fearing a backlash from publishers, the Google Adsense team has responded. Interesting thing is that I did not read anything that would deny the allegation that having crappy converting sites in with good converting sites in your account can hurt your earnings.

This was an interesting line:

It’s also possible to have a high CTR and a low conversion rate. Don’t remove the AdSense code from your site just because it has a lower CTR – it may be one of your best converting sites.

Well, hey gang, maybe you can give us the tools to make that kind of determination? Hopefully the people over at Yahoo! Publisher Network and MSN’s new deal are listening and giving publishers the tools that they can actually use. I don’t really want to hear that something “might” be my best converting site…but, we are not going to give you that information. WTF?

Jason Golod

Jason Golod

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