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Adsense ImageOkay, so it is not really legit to put images next to your Adsense ads anymore…at least that is what Google says. But, we know that what people say and what people do are usually two different things, right? So, I was trying to figure out what the best MCE MPEG-2 decoder setup was, because my MCE boxes keep dying when I play DVDs. The Green Button forums were down and I came across another MCE forum called I immediately noticed a square Adsense box on the left…but, it had 0 posts listed next to it. Wow, this could be one of the best Adsense image implementations I have ever seen. Click on the thumbnail, to check out the big boy image.

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Jason Golod

Jason Golod

Jason is a husband and father of two living in Austin, TX.

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  • Nice. I’ve seen forums with a 234×60 unit blended in like that, as a single forum line–usually as the 2nd or 3rd listing. Those can be really hard to spot.


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