Cingular WAP Dial Up Networking Settings

Using your Bluetooth enabled mobile phone as an internet gateway is really easy….if you know how to set it up. Funny thing is that Cingular does not tell you how to use the MediaNet unlimited account I have as an internet gateway, I had to search for an hour or so online to get it working. So, if you are trying to use your mobile phone to connect to the internet and you use Cingular wireless here is how you make it happen.

UPDATE 8/24/06:
I just posted on how to connect your Cingular 8125 or Cingular 2125 to the internet via Bluetooth and Dial-Up Networking (DUN).

  1. First you are going to need to setup a Bluetooth connection between your phone and computer. I am not going to get into this, but you should be able to use the built in Bluetooth features of Windows XP (that is what you are using isn’t it?) to “pair” the two devices.
  2. Add a new Dial Up Networking (DUN) connection by going to the Start Menu and then right click (use the right mouse button) on My Network Places and then select Preferences.
  3. Click the “Create New Connection” link at the top of the left navigation bar. A wizard will pop up. Click the Next button and then select the Connect to Internet and then click the Next button again. Select “Set Up My Connection Manually” and then click next. Select “Connect Using a Dial-Up Modem”.
  4. The next window that pops up will show you the modems that are connected to your computer. If you do not see something like “Standard Modem Over Bluetooth Connection” listed there (or however you have connected your phone to the computer), then you will need to go back and get your phone talking to your computer. Select the modem connection over Bluetooth and click next.
  5. Type Cingular or whatever you would like to name this connection in the box and click Next.
  6. Type *99***1# as the phone number. Yes, that is the phone number.
  7. Here is the information to type in the next boxes:
    password: CINGULAR1

Select the box about using the connection for anyone that uses your computer (unless you don’t want to) and uncheck the second (unless this is your only or default connection).

You should be good to go. Use this connection as any other Dial-Up connection. In the connection properties, you can set the port speed to 230k if you have an EDGE enabled phone, although I have not seen anything close to the 115K that EGDE is supposed to deliver. Let me know if you have any trouble.

UPDATE 7/26/05
I just downloaded the new version of Nokia PC Suite which is the free software Nokia puts out to sync your phone via Bluetooth, USB cable or Serial cable. This version of the software is much better than the previous version and even though the Nokia 6620 is not listed in the supported phone list, it works great with my 6620. One new feature is the “One Touch” internet gateway application that will help you to configure your Nokia phone as an internet gateway and connect at will. It is a pretty sweet upgrade if you ask me as it appears that they have worked out a few kinks.

To get this working I installed the new version of PC Suite. Then follow these steps and you should be good to go.

  • Fire up the PC Suite software and select the “Connect to the Internet” application icon
  • In the window that pops up, select the “Settings” button in the lower left hand corner
  • Then select the “Standard Modem over Bluetooth Link” from the drop down list (I am assuming you are going through this trouble to connect via Bluetooth)
  • Then select the “Configure Manually” button and click Next
  • Leave the Access Point name blank
  • Password is CINGULAR1
  • Click finish and you should be good to go

Remember, PC Suite is just for Nokia phones, but the directions above should work for just about any phone in conjunction with Cingular’s Media Net and Windows XP.

Jason Golod

Jason Golod

Jason is a husband and father of two living in Austin, TX.

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  • Hi there. I found your blog through google, and I have to ask about this MediaNet usage. I’m looking into getting a Motorola v551 with the “MediaNet Unlimited” plan, but the representative at the store was unable to tell me if it would use up plan minutes while connected, or be covered under the “MediaNet Unlimited” umbrella.

    That is to say, if I use my cellphone to browse the net, will I find myself with thousands of minutes racked up, or should I be OK? I can’t seem to find a straight answer anywhere else, and you seem to have first hand experience, so it’s worth asking. Get back to me, thanks.

  • David, I too had trouble getting answers from people until the girl I spoke to at Cingular (on my 6th call) had the phone I was getting AND had the MediaNet Unlimited package. Cingular is really vague on how they describe their packages on their website and I have spoken to sales reps there who literally answered my question about EDGE with…what is EDGE? So, to answer your question, the MediaNet Unlimited plan (currently $24.99/mo. here in San Francisco) will cover you for unlimited web browsing and any other internet access (using your phone as a mobile internet gateway, browsing the web on your phone, etc). It WILL NOT however cover SMS messaging and from what I understand email messages…you will need to get a messaging plan as well. Internet minutes do not count against your regular mobile minutes, they are completely separate. I will be posting tomorrow about my current minute usage and wether or not I will be likely to continue on the unlimited plan. I did install an ftp client on the phone and have yet to really get into installing and configuring applications on there. There is an Oulook type application that I may purchase that does email as well, and I am not sure if this counts against SMS messages or just burns internet minutes…but, I will be sure to post here what I find out.

  • Hey there, I found your article on google through a good friend of mine, it is a lifesaver. I would have been looking all over for the right way to get the connectivity going and within 5 minutes I was up and running and surfing the net through my phone on my notebook. Thanks a lot!!

  • Hi! Would you know how to setup the dialup gateway for a POP3 connection? I want to use my home area dial-up ISP instead of the Cingular service.



  • I’m only getting 30K speeds. Should I ever get EDGE speeds with this technique or do I need to connect in another way? Do I need to turn EDGE on? Thanks.

  • Jason, from what I understand it is dependent on a few factors. First, your phone. Each phone is different and has different throughput capabilities based on the hardware it has built in. I believe the Motorola phones have some of the best hardware at this point. The other factor is the network you are connected to a the time. EDGE is something that your phone will negotiate if it is available. On my Nokia 6620, you can tell when the phone is connected using EDGE when there is a box around the G on the top of the screen. The G is to let you know you are connected to a GPRS network. FYI, I have not really been able to connect at much higher than 30Kb speeds myself.

  • Marc, as I said before, it is my understanding that any data transmission over your mobile phone will be via a Data plan from Cingular. I do not believe you can simply dial up your “dial-up” ISP and make it work that way.

  • I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this with Cingular and my T616 for more than a year. I just found this page, and within about 1 minute, I was connected and surfing. How much am I paying for this privilege?

  • TOO MUCH! I would not do that without the unlimited data plan. Using your phone as an internet gateway is not something you want to do without getting yourself the unlimited data plan as you will be racking up some pretty serious data bandwidth in no time. You do not use the same minutes as you do when you make a regular phone call.

  • I’ve been using my SonyEricsson s710a for over a week now, some 10 hours a day, to connect my laptop to the internet. I’m in the hospital and this is getting me a faster connection than I can manage via the pbx phone system they have here. I get about 66k-81k with my setup, which differs only in the phone number used. I use *998**3#

    I don’t know if that will make any difference.

  • Dear Jason,
    I just got a Motorola Razor V3… since it took Cingular almost a month and many hours on the phone to actually SEND the device AND honor the contract we initially agreed to, I knew it would be just as big of a problem to get information on using the data services through my phone. This was the first link I found in Google when looking up “bluetooth dial up modem for Cingular GPRS instructions.” Anyway, just wanted to let you know that after entering in the information you provided, I got connected with my iPaq withing 5 minutes. Cingular should pay you for use of your documentation and train their support staff with it. But, we all know that won’t happen. Anyway, THANK YOU so much for making this as hastle free as possible!
    Brad Altfest

  • Just a little more information on the Cingular data plans. MediaNet and DataConnect are the basic data features that Cingular offers. These features have been offered in many flavors and packages, and there is a lot of confusion when you look at the website, talk to a rep, etc…

    Here’s what worked for me: I bought a PocketPC but was told that I had to subscribe to one of the DataConnect features (wrong) in order to get any kind of data. I bought the PDA DataConnect feature (39.99) but it did not work with the device. I had the rep remove the feature and then I went into my account on the website and self-provisoned the MediaNet Unlimited feature for $19.99. It works perfectly and it seems to be all-you-can-eat. I recommend that anyone considering Cingular for a data option follow this process:

    1. Buy a phone and plan with NO data feature.
    2. Visit the web site and add your own MediaNet feature. For MediaNet connectivity, use a username of WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM, password of CINGULAR1 and an access point name (APN) of wap.cingular. You may also need to specify a dial string of *99***#1 depending on your device.

    NOTE: Cingular recently repackged the data features once again, and I no longer see “MediaNet Unlimited” listed. I was however, able to add it over the phone.

  • One more thing to note: If you add the MediaNet Unlimited feature to your account, be sure to call a rep and ask them to remove “MediaNet Pay Per Use” which is usually automatically added to any new plan. If you don’t do this, then the billing system will apply the per-kilobyte rate to your usage rather than the unlimited feature code.

  • I have an innostream 55 phone and my outgoing text messaging does not work nor does my internet. Do you know any ideas i can use to fix it. My service provider is cingular.
    Here are my current settings:
    Connection Type-continuous
    Connection Option-none
    Access Point Name-wap.cingular
    IP address-

    Any help would be appreciated

  • After fighting the dreaded “error 734: the ppp link control protocol was terminated” message when connecting with my Motorola V3, I found a crucial detail that is left out: the init string for the Motorola V3 modem in the modem settings must be:
    AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”wap.cingular”. The default string after installing the Cingular Connection Manager is “isp.cingular” instead of “wap.cingular”. Why install the Connection Manager software? Because I’m using a USB cable to the phone, and the software installs the appropriate USB driver. One more note: I got data services to work using the MediaNet1Mb package that is much cheaper for people like me that only connect occasionally.

    My setup:

    Phone: Motorola V3 RAZR
    Connection to phone from Laptop: USB cable
    Carrier: Cingular
    DataPlan: MediaNet1Mb
    Connection settings: as detailed in the previous posts, and verifying the above modem init string.

  • Thanks a lot this information. You were instrumental in helping me setup a connection between my super Dell AXIM x50v (top of the line Pocket PC) to the internet via BT and GPRS on the Cingular network using a RAZR V3 phone. I recently got this great phone with unlimited MediaNet plan for $19.99. With your help my Dell AXIM X50v is now surfing the internet any where and any time for one very low price. This technology is revolutionary !

    To those who still cannot get it work; make sure you pay close attention to all the details specified in prior correspondences so you don’t spend more time looking for answers as I did when finally getting the answer from another site to only find out this one had it all along.

    See this link:

    Here is the setting that FINALLY worked for me;

    Connection Name: whatever you want i named mine wap.cingular
    Modem: bluetooth dialup modem
    Phone number: *99***1# (turn dialing rules off)
    Username: WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM (case sensitive)
    Password: CINGULAR1 (case sensitive)
    **click advanced tab**
    Baud rate: whatever i use 19200
    uncheck wait for dial tone before dialing
    Extra dial string: +CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”WAP.CINGULAR” (case sensitive and that is an O not a zero)
    All other settings leave default (port settings, TCP/IP, Servers)

  • Hi i have a Sony S710a and it is on tmobile service i got it unlocked. is it possible to connect the internet on my HP computer via bluetooth with my cell? if so can any one please tell me at will really appreciate that.


  • Finally got it. Thanks.

  • I learned a lot from all of the comments. I have a Razr V3 and an IPAQ 2210 that I wanted to use to get on the net occasionally. You CAN connect to the Razr without a Cingular Data plan. (Nights and Weekends are free, why pay Cingular more money?) I downloaded Mobile AOL and use it to chat with my girlfriend from my IPAQ when I am on break at work. It works fine. Connecting to my Dell Laptop took some time to figure out, but it does work. You DO NOT have to use Cingulars GPRS network, which is xtra.

  • Fox,

    I think you better hold off on your internet usage until you understand what you are using. The phone minutes have nothing to do with data usage. Nights and Weekends are free for most people when it comes to phone (aka: talk) minutes, but data minutes are always billed on a usage basis.

    Sounds like you are saying you have connected your Dell to the internet via your Cingular phone without using data minutes or GPRS…I would be interested to hear how you have accomplished this.

  • I have a HP 2755 Pocket PC and a Moto Razr. I have tried everything on this site and other sites too, but I get the same message “The connection failed and cound not be reestabished.” The Pocket PC does say “Connection Established” in the details screen then it says “Unable to establish a connection. Please make sure the device is enabled and in range. Aalso verify that the requested service is available.

    I have been on the phone with Cigular who gave me instructions but “dont provide tech support”. They gave me Motorola which told me to contact HP. Well my 90 days of software support is up with them. So…many wasted hours!

    Can anyone help before I drop kick this thing out the window?

  • Jason, thanks for the info on this blog. I just got the new Version of the black razor V3 and hooked it up to my Athlon 64 laptop after downloading moto phone tools version 3. After clicking the new connection, put in the username, password, and phone number you gave and instantly connected at 125K. I have the medianet unlimited for $19.99 plan and hope this is covered under that for surfing on my laptop via my razor. No one at cingular could answer that question for me. The few operators I talked with told me that you cant even do it that way. Thanks a gain for the info. Its great to be truly wireless.

  • Big Dan, thanks for stopping by. It took me three operators to find someone who actually used it (she was a she too), set up her dad with it (who used it with his laptop) and had the two phones I was debating between. I guess I just got lucky. You should be all good on the data plan, as that is what I have and have not incurred any other charges.

  • Jason,
    I am looking to get the usb device to make my laptop Bluetooth capable. I wanted to check with you on a couple of things before I make the purchase. 1st off I have the Motorola V551 with Cingular. At the moment I do not have the Unlimited Media Net but only 1 mb. It sounds as if I need to upgrade to the Unlimited but was wondering a few things:
    1) My friend has verizon wireless and I do not think he pays any extra for data usage. I am going to find out for sure… but I know he dials *77 to access the internet. I was under the impression that he uses only his minute usage.
    2) Is it possible to enter in an dial-up number for like Netzero and connect that way? If possible would that take up only my Minute usage or would I be charged Data Usage?
    Thanks for in info already provided,

  • David,

    AFAIK, 1 and 2 are not possible. Not sure why you would want to use a dial up connection anyway, EDGE is faster (the V551 is a decent EDGE phone). If 1 is possible, I would love to hear about it. But, HSDPA is coming for Cingular which will rival or come close to the crazy EV-DO speeds (2Mbps down) that Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel are currently offering. Translation: broadband speed over your mobile phone is here. Cingular is upgrading their networks (in some markets like Dallas) to HSDPA which is their high speed stuff.

  • Jason – thanks for a wonderful site that is full of great information. Please clarify something for me if possible: Why can’t I use my Razor V3 as a BT stand alone modem with my laptop PC and dial my local SBC GLOBAL.NET number and get connected? When I dial the local number as I would for a voice call, I hear the server answer. When I use Moto Tools, Cingular DialManager, or SBC Dial Up Manager I can’t get connected. I was told by Cingular that you have to have some form of a DATA package for ‘net connectivity over your cell phone. I think it is unfair to force users to pay for ANOTHER service WHEN they only need to dial up for a few minutes and speed is not an issue. We have all these “voice minutes” and unlimited nights and weekends, SO why can’t we conntect that way. IF anyone has figured out how to dial an ISP via a local dial up number using a RAZOR V3 from Cingular, I would like to know about it.
    THANKS AGAIN JASON for a wonderful wonderful resource. – BimmerKen

  • Ken,

    AFAIK, the reason is simple, Cingular wants you to pay for a data plan. I think they were smart enough to realize a long time ago that mobile data will be a growth industry for them. Hopefully, their HSDPA service will be here soon and the data speeds will be faster than most people’s home DSL connections, and you won’t mind paying extra for it. :)

  • B immer: Jason’s right. At least I think so. I spent hours and hours and hours with the Cingular people on Xmas eve after my landline went down (again). I was told by the people who finally got the damn thing working that Cingular intentionally blocks (don’t ask me how) your ability to use your mobile to dial up to an ISP. I know I was able to do this a few times two years ago with a Sony Erisson T616, but I never had a stable enough signal to begin with in my locale, so I gave up and got dial up.

    I got the best support calling Cingular’s data support line direct (866-490-2666) rather than going through customer service.

    Also, if it’s of use to anyone in similar straits, with the V3 and Mac OS X, you’ll need a new modem script. Someone from Cingular customer service emailed it to me directly.

    Also, I was not offered the unlimited “MediaNet” option. I WAS offered an unlimited dataplan option, but it wasn’t anywhere NEAR that $19.99 option quoted above. There’s a per-minute plan available that uses your plan minutes rather than dataplan minutes, but you’re limited to something like 9kbs, which is just silly. The other dataplan options were staggered by data usage rather than minute usage, but the amounts were so absurdly low that it really didn’t make any sense to get anything other than unlimited. ($19.99 a mo for 5 mg?!?)

    Also, the V3 does not support EDGE. Or so I’ve been told.

  • using the dial up number *998**3# displays “UNKNOWN APPLICATION” on my moto razor, whereas *99***1# makes the connection without issue. Anyone able to use a different number on Cingular to get a higher baud rate (>32kbs)?

  • Jason, I’ve read with great interest, but I still consider myself a novice with all the information regarding cell phones.

    Is it possible to use our cell phones to send faxes from a fax machine, not within Windows, but using a stand alone fax machine, without subscibing to a data plan offered by Cingular?
    Or is this considered the same as dialing an ISP?

    If you don’t want to publish this note, please e-mail me.

    I have Cingular service and have a Motorola V551.

    Does someone make a cable with a RJ-11 that connects to the phone?

    Thanks for you anticipated answer!


  • Mel, no you cannot do that. Yes, it is the same thing.

  • Hey Jason,

    Your info proved to be invaluable. I now connect to the internet (EDGE) on Cingular. Windows shows connection speed of 230.4 kbs. The only difference is I had to dial *99***3# to connect.

    Thanks for all you info. Only took a few moments to configure.


  • If I want to use the same (.mac) email account on my razr that i have on my computer, can i do this? or do i have to use the yahoo mobile mail application and have multiple addresses floating around? Thanks!

  • Good question. :) I don’t know the answer as I don’t have a .mac account. BUT, taking a quick glance at their online docs, it sounds like you should be able to configure it. From what I have seen on my Nokia 6620, I would be able to do it. I don’t have a Razr, so I don’t know what you have the ability to do on there. Maybe someone else can help you with that.

  • I have cingular service and I just received a new razr v3. I have tried to pair it with my IPAQ 2755 and it says Service Not Support on the phone…..HELP. It worked with the old AT&T system and my phone….why is it not working now? What do I need to do?

    S. Taylor

  • Okay…never mind…. I restarted the phone and the pocket pc and it works now.


    I have the unlimited media net plan ($19.99) ….I’m not getting charged for using a pocket pc to connect to the internet, am I?

  • Shelia, I think that official party line these days is that they you have to have some different plan to use your cell phone as an internet gateway for other devices (ie: your laptop). I heard this from a knowledgeable girl in the Cingular tech department before I went to Mexico over New Year’s. But, she told me that most people don’t get charged for doing this…so, I am not sure they have a way to monitor this kind of activity. I think you have to try it out and see for yourself. Having the unlimited data plan allowed me to go to Mexico and use unlimited data roaming with no charge…just like being in the U.S.. So, try it out, check your bill, and see what happens.

  • Wow! After about 12 hours of trying everything else I could fine, BlkBear1 finally sent me a link to this thread and voila! John Wades 8:54pm post on 8-18 and the “tip” on razr uzer’s 3:42pm post on 8-31 is what saved me!
    Now to make sure I get an unlimited media pkg! 😮

  • Well alright, after weeks of researching how I could do this I finally did. After I got it all connected, actually simple, I was connected at 260kBps and it works perfectly. Thanks, thanks, and thanks again. Love it, I’m in a rural area with one local Wi-fi place and can’t always get to a phone line so this is exactly what i wanted for the few times I’d be using it.

  • Hello all,

    I work at a Cingular store, and let me be the first to say that most customer service reps don’t know anything about wireless internet gatways. It is not their fault, they are just not trained in it. So, to set the record strait, to use a Cingular Bluetooth enabled phone on the GPRS, GSM, or EDGE network, you definetly need a data plan, or a good voice plan. So, to use data minutes with your bluetooth enabled phone,

    phone number = *99# or various others, you need to test
    password: CINGULAR1

    to use voice minutes, you need to go to your Cingular store and request to add CSD, or Circuit Swithed Data feature on your account, it is a feature at a whopping 3.99/monthly in addition to a voice plan. then you can use your local ISP number, and your computer will recognize your phone as just another modem. No additional AT commands needed for CSD.


  • JD Darden
    I just called cingular and they doesn’t support CSD anymore is your information up to date?

    Thank you


  • sorry, I call again and after one hour of waiting finally got some one on the phone to activate the 3.99 feature on my phone thank you JD Darden.

  • Wow thanks JD, worked on the first try with my V3 / Axim x51v.

  • You are, without a doubt, the greatest human being to ever exist. I’ve tried for years to get Bluetooth and my Nokia to work. Used the same UN/PW in innumerable configurations.
    IF FINALLY WORKS!, I can check email, pretend I’m working and play golf simultaneously. Thank God and you.

  • Thanks to everyone above my post. I just purchased unlimited medianet yesterday and I now have internet going at 921.6 kbps on my laptop through my razr. You all have been such a great help. Thanks and God Bless.

  • i got a HSDPA data plan and PCMCIA card. is the username and password for dial-up using HSDPA card the same as GPRS/EDGE networks?


  • I have a Moto V3 a data cable and a Bluetooth connection that I’ve been able to get working successfully. They will both provide me with a sub 35k internet connection over the Cingular GPRS network. I have the unlimited data plan and love the ability to use the network.

    The problem is… I’m only ever able to get the sub 35k connection. I have friends that bought the same phone at the same time that claim that they get the 230k connection on their Windows laptops. I understand that the increased data rate is most likely only ever acheived using the USB data cable.

    My theory has been that the modem script that I’m using is wrong in some way but I’m not sure. I have tried all of these and get the same sorry throughput:

    Motorola GPRS CID1
    Motorola GPRS CID1 +CGQREQ
    Motorola GPRS CID1 57k
    Motorola GPRS CID1 57k +CGQREQ
    Motorola GPRS CID2
    Motorola GPRS CID2 +CGQREQ
    Motorola GPRS CID2 57k
    Motorola GPRS CID2 57k +CGQREQ

    Obviously the scripts that say 57k in them, I really don’t expect to work faster than that. I just can’t seem to find anybody talking on the internet about these modem scripts other than a site or two here and there that provide them without much info about them. I don’t know if I have more than just these as an option. I have certainly not been able to find any other modem scripts.

    One piece of information that may help is that my laptop is a brand new Apple PowerBook G4 running the latest version of OSX.

    Does anyone know anything that I don’t?

    If you’re kind enough to reply, you can hit this with success:

  • Anyone know how to do this with a Samsung SGH-D357 phone? I’ve tried “all of the above” with no luck. The phone establishes a connection and then the remote computer disconnects me. I even brought my computer and phone into the Cingular store as they said they would help me — after 1/2 hour, they threw up their hands in frustration. Luckily they sent me home with a copy of this blog. Any help would be appreciated!

  • re JDDarden’s offered info re voice plan setup-‘use your local isp number’, what does that mean? I have Cingular w/Motorola V551 & Dell laptop w/Bluetooth-want to connect to Net for occasional use and would like to use my plan minutes-I have lots of rollover-not a big user! What EXACTLY are the steps to make this happen?

  • I’ve added CSD (did it on the phone in about 10 minutes — they were NOT HAPPY to add it — asked how I heard about it) but it STILL isn’t working with my SGH-D357. The “remote computer” keeps disconnecting me. Can anyone help?

  • I have a razor cell phone with Cingular service and trying to connect to the internet on my laptop but I don’t want to pay 20 bucks a month for their medianet service. I probably won’t connect using my cell very often. If I request to add CSD to my service will I be able to just use my regular minutes and avoid any extra fees? Are there any limitations with this service and will it affect my current service or is CSD only with connecting my laptop to the internet?

    If anyone can answer these I would greatly appreciate it.

  • I’m about to give up and buy the $200 card and the $60/month service. Can anyone help with the CSD option?????

  • I just got a RAZR V3 and i bought a ringtone, it sent the message, but i got to get internet to get the ringtone. how do i do this?

  • I still have trouble to use my razr as wireless modem.
    Where should I put the extra string,
    AT Command +CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”WAP.CINGULAR” ?
    I am using windows server 2003 and cannot find where I should put the string.

  • Hi there, I have MediaNet (unlimited) with Cingular. I would like to conect my loptop to Internet via MediaNet when i’m on the road. My question is: Which Mobile Phone / Model is the best for Connectivity, Reliability and SPEED on Cingular Network. Also which technology will give the max. data transfer EDGE/GPRS/GSM. for my loptop. I’m looking to minimize expenses and maximaze productyvity of the MediaNet.

  • O.k. I ran across this site went out and bought a blue tooth usb. Have tried everything, and still can’t get my phone to act like a modem. Razr3 Help! It will dial but disconnects right away. I don’t have a problem paying for data, but where I live I only have the choice of 2 cell phone carriers. I’m with cellularOne, will the cingular code work for me. I understand they don’t have their own towers, and piggy back off of other companies, but I can’t find out who, went on a tower site, but it wouldn’t tell me, the best I can see is maybe they use the same tower as altel. Their customer service is not the best, so I am sure calling them I won’t get any answers, I have asked and the only thing they say is to buy the mobil link package, at 60 bucks a month, I don’t think so. Any thoughts, any help, I don’t care how slow it is, as long as I can get my e-mails on my lap top, and not the phone! Thanks

  • John, I think you might want to look into Cingular’s Data Connect service. It is basically high speed wireless for your laptop. You can also buy a phone that can support this new service…there are some pretty cool ones out there, but they are not cheap. More info on that page.

    Sharon, you are going to have to call CellularOne, Cingular Wireless is an entirely different company.

  • Bluetooth MODEM on my Razor (first generation) and various PDA’s with BT and my laptop has been flawless all over the world. Same for the Sony-Erikson phones I’ve had (and killed).

    However (the point to this entry), my Razor died and I picked up a Cingular Audiovox SMT5600 as a stand in. It has Bluetooth, but near as I can tell it will NOT use the dialup networking MODEM connection as the Razor and other phones have. It’s almost as if Cingular has disabled the function, only allowing connectivity via USB (which is pretty worthless if you want to tether on the go seamlessly with a PDA).

    Has ANYONE gotten the GPRS connectivity to work on this Audiovox phone (there is variant of this phone called the Cingular 2125)???

    The phone is recognized, it bonds with the PDA and laptop (and works OK with headsets) but the phone will NOT dial out the GPRS string and connect. I’ve used my son’s Moto phone with Itunes and Bluetooth as a test while having this problem and it synched with GPRS in about 15 seconds (including getting them paired!).

    Dead Moto phones (the Razor was just the last of 4 I bought at one time for the family to die) has me seeking alternatives but if Cingular is killing the dialup networking /MODEM feature of its Bluetooth phones we could all be in trouble using this “feature” soon.


  • Jae Lee, did you look in your phone and modem options in the control panel? When you are there select the desired modem, then go to properties, the the advanced tab, there should be a text box.

    HSDPA support is very limited now, 3-5 major cities, Possibly Oklahoma City in the Near Future. But EDGE, GPRS and GSM networks still have greater coverage.

    For CSD to work properly, you need to have a separate third party ISP account. Then set up your phone like a regular modem. Be forewarned, speeds are slow, I recommend using Firefox, with Firetune for a browser, in Firetune, configure it for a Slow Connection, and do not enable prefetching.

    Thank You

    JD Darden

  • just to remind you, for CSD to work, you need to have a separate third party ISP, Earthlink, Juno, AOL (vomit), etc… And you attach you phone to your computer via USB, Serial, or Bluetooth, while connected to the internet,(to allow Windows to search for drivers). And as far as the modem Init commands, they can be found in Control Panel/Phone and Modem Options/(desired modem)/Properties/Advanced.

  • Elisa and others. After awhile of trying to connect the samsung d357 via bluetooth for DUN with cingulars media net plan here is what needed to be done.

    Do to Control Panel, enter into Phone and modem settings. Select the bluetooth modem, click on properties. Select the advanced tab. Enter in for extra initialization command: AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”wap.cingular” Click ok.

    For the dialing settings: Phone#: *99#, login:, password: cingular1

    For months of searching that was all it took.

  • After reading through all the posts I tried the settings posted but keep getting the following error after about 5 seconds:”The answering modem has disconnected. Check your settings.”
    I have the CSD plan only but I can use the phone (Razr 3) as a regular modem to connect to an ISP number on my laptop. However the *9***1# number doesn’t work on my Axim X50. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  • After trying all suggested settings in vain I went ahead and got the Cingular 5mb MediaNet plan. Once it went through and the GPRS icon showed on my phone I had no trouble connecting with the Axim X50 using the phone as a GPRS modem. This method however will incur data charges.

    While GPRS on my Razr V3 is around 3-4 times faster than CSD (around 9k) it would’ve been nice to avoid the data charges and just use minutes without having a 3rd party ISP account.

    I also wonder if CSD is capped at 9k regardless of phone data capabilities (like EDGE).

    Another interesting thing is that on my wife’s 2 years old Cingular Samsung SG-307 the setup is different. It uses an ISDN data connection and a phone number to call. Brings up a slightly different WAP start screen too, not like the MediaNet one.

  • I’m very new to this. I have a razor phone and blutooth connection with my dell. I’m able to get online but when it comes to using outlook I cannot get my emails. I can send them only. I’m at a complete loss and so is the IT guy for my company. Has anyone else had this problem? The only way my outlook will work is if I uninstall the cing software. If I plug into a reg internet connection outlook still wont work so I to uninstall cingular.

  • I have got this working before but just can’t get the right info into the palm TX in all the right places to connect with the Cingular Razors WAP GPRS. Anyone have luck setting this up yet?

  • Has anyone successfully connected their Cingular 2125 Phone to their Laptop (via USB, BlueTooth, etc.) and connected to the internet using a MediaNet Unlimited Plan rather than phone or Data minutes? If you have could you please respond if you simply followed the steps as stated for other phones above and what speed you experience using Edge as I am considering purchasing this phone. I would greatly appreciate any advice or direction. Thank you.

  • james first off the 2125 is a data phone not a regular cell phone so if media net is attached the system will bump it off with out telling you so be carefull using it as a modem belive me i tried adding it my self to that same phone and one second its on the next its not

  • i will like the GPRS/WAP service to be setup on my nokia 3310

  • I want to thank those of you that provided the information I needed to get my motorola V635 to act as a modem for my Axim X51v to retrieve email and get online on the road. This works so much better for me than using a Treo or other hybrid device. The Axim provides me with a fast processor PDA with a great screen and loads of storage, while the V635 is able to let me access my email and internet on a small screen, more limited device when I don’t have the PDA at hand.

    Thanks again for all your help

    Charles G.

  • Has anyone had billing problems when tethering their phone to a laptop? I’m a truck driver/geek and don’t want to have some $300 phone bill. I followed the DUN settings in my XP partition, but for some reason my 2k side (the one I USE…) my DUN is dain bramaged, so I made a custom connection in the Cingular COnnection mamager, and use the wap.cingular and WAP@CINGULARGPRS settings.

    Cingular’s connection mgr. creates a DUN icon when you use it…

    Any info would be appreciated.


  • When I try with my Samsung D357, I get the error: “Error 777: The connection attempt failed because the modem (or other connecting device) on the remote computer is out of order. ” Has anyone else seen this error and do you know how to make this work on a D357?

  • Following the method outlined by Rob J (April 8), my modem log shows the following when processing his initialization commands. Result is Error 692: There is a hardware faulure in the modem. Any thoughts?

    05-10-2006 22:56:01.772 – Sending user initialization commands.
    05-10-2006 22:56:01.782 – Send: AT+CGDCONT=1,IP,wap.cingular
    05-10-2006 22:56:01.872 – Recv: ERROR
    05-10-2006 22:56:01.872 – Interpreted response: Error

  • I figured out my Cingular Samsung D357 internect connection. Here are my settings: Modem Properties/Advanced/Extra initialization commands:
    Phone Number:
    User name:

  • Has anyone successfully gotten CSD turned on since 1/2006? They have published thay will not support CSD, unless grandfathered, after 12/2005. Am interested as I can not seem to get my RAZR to talk to my ISP at all using “voice” minutes.

    Thanks in advance

  • It is 1:08 am. Rob J. on April 8th you save me from being up any longer. I am connected at 115k. I may be able to do better but I am connected. Thanks to all
    good night

  • Hello everyone, I just got a HP IPAQ rx3115 and a black cingular razr. my question is what would be the best way to use the razr as a modem for my ipaq? Do i need a data plan? will the medianet package work with it? If the medianet package will work. does cingular still offer unlimited usage? on thier website they only offer the 5mb for 19.99.

  • Hi, I’ve got a Nokia 6820. I have unlimited media net, and I can browse web on phone, but when trying to dial through laptop, I get a message that says “Subscribe to GPRS first”. I called Cingular, they say they don’t support the ‘tethered connection’ unless you pay $75/month. Any ideas?

  • Hello I was wondering how much does this thing cost. I just got a Motorola v3 phone and also a D-Link DBT-120 Bluetooth for my laptop so i can save pictures and ringtones to my phone/laptop. ANYWAYS… I dont think I have this plan (thingy) so if you could help to see if its free that would be great!


  • I have a nokia 6102i that has edge data listed in features. I want to try this but what about this new no tether thing in cingulars media agreement? anyone been kicked off by cingular or billed regardless of unlimited media net plan or gotten nasty grams to cease and desist? without using connection for hours and hours at a time, can they really tell? I just want 20-30 mins form some gmail, yahoo mail, and quick check of news sites while on bus to/from work. would they notice? agreement says medianet has to be home page, if I changed my home page when using 6102i to connect, would that help keep them off my back or will tether connect just not work at all anymore?

  • Ok, no Mac haters here. I have a 17″ PowerBook with built in Apple BlueTooth module 2.0.
    I have had a RAZR V3 connected with the extra modem scripts listed above, It worked fine, however I wasn’t sure of the connection speeds.
    I have since ugpraded my V3 to a Cingular 8125 and am trying to use it as a gateway to get out onto the internet with my PowerBook. I have all the same settings but what happens is that I can connect on my phone flawlessly and browse content on the 8125, but when i try and dial to the internet from my mac using the 8125 it attempts then says, ” Internet Connection” The Connection has failed. please verify your settings and try again.”
    That’s all. I have NO idea what the problems are. I have the unlimited media connect for like 39.99 a month, and something like 600 minutes rollover family plan deal (we both have 8125’s and neither of them work). I don’t know if it’s in the modem strings since this 8125 is made by HTC. any suggestions??? Jason

  • I bought a Razor V3 in Italy and used it with a tempory sim card. I have replaced my sim card in my new phone but can not use media. Cingular said it is an “unlocked” phone and they can not program for internet access. I have read and tried some of the above mentioned. Can you help me get my phone to use Media internet?
    Any help thanks in advance.

  • Unless cingular has changed things..A year or so ago I was able to use my t62 mobile phone, via a gomatic cable, as a modem to dial up my local isp number from my dell axim and surf the net. I now use the t616 (Bluetooth & Media plan 1meg). Only issue I have with my macbook is the service keeps disconnecting..Not sure why yet..If anyone has any suggestions..let me know. I’m also having email issues…recieving I can do.., but a no go..I’m wondering if it’s because I had to ditch text it kept sending me multiple text messeges from a friend and would not stop..As for Cingulars service when I was initially trying to set up my first connection..It was a nightmare…They offer services their sells & tech people no 0 about..I ended up surfing the net for bits and pieces of information and finally got it working with both bluetooth-t616 and a gomatic cable, my dial up isp – T62

  • I just connected my laptop to my Nokia 6682 using the one touch Nokia PC suite. You said to leave the Access point blank, but I actually had to put in wap.cingular into the Access point. It may work both ways, but this is the way that it worked for me. Also, I am connecting at 115 kbs.


  • Just used my V551 for the first time with XP thanks to you!!! It brought down 231k from before I could stop it. I just have a minutes plan so we’ll see how much it cost, but it was SOOO cool! Thanks!!!!!!!

  • i have having a heck of a time trying to use my phone as a modem to get on the internet with my laptop. i am a paramedic and would lie to surf the net way out in the middle of nowhere (out of wi-fi range) i have an unlimited airtime plan. i have a nokia 6192I and a keningston bluetooth adapter for my hp laptop.


  • Thanks to razr, i was able to connet my desktop to the internet at 115kbps. My question is, how can i increase the speed if possible?

    thanks in advance

  • I have a motorola v300 it was a t mobil phone but its unlocked. I have cigular service, but i cant send any photos with it. any one heard of it before. I cant find any help any where so if any one can help i would greatly appreciat it.

  • I’ve been trying to connect my Nokia 6682 w/ Cingular as a tether this way…with it set up as a bluetooth modem using the generic driver, it doesn’t work at all (can’t access device), using the Nokia 6682 Bluetooth driver it dials but says there was an internal failure in the device. Double-clicking on the Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking in my WIDCOMM folder doesn’t work, either…


    Any ideas? I’m going to try it on my other machine, but even then, I don’t know if it’s going to work. It seems to not even recognize my phone as a valid dial-up networking device that works, let alone let me dial out on it.

  • My wife just got one of those, I will get it working when she gets home later and put up the directions for ya.

  • J.W. I just connected to her 6682 via Bluetooth in about 20 seconds. Are you using a bluetooth connection or some other method? Following the instructions in the post above should get you connected in no time via BT.

  • I have noticed that the “MediaNet Unlimitted” data plan no longer is listed on the Cingular web site. Does anyone know if they still offer this? I am interested in using my Nokia 6102i as an internet gateway with my laptop. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Looks like Media Max 200 is now what used to be called the MediaNet Unlimited plan. Now it comes with 200 “free” text messages along with unlimited wireless internet, etc.

  • I have a vw razr from Cing. What is X.25 for and should I have anything listed for it. How can I get the best and highest internet connection. I use a bluetooth connection for my phone to laptop and it says connected at 115 but I heard that is just how fast the two devices are talking to each other.

  • I have a Palm Tungsten T3 and a Razor V3 from Cingular. I’ve paired them and set up the network, but there is no way that I can find to enter the AT string that others on this blog have said is required for the Razor,
    I tried making the string a prefix and simply dialling it, but that didn’t seem to work (invlaid characters in the phone number, of course).
    Does anyone out there know how to do this with the T3?

  • I have a Motorola V557 phone and have successfully connected to my dial-up service provider after getting the $3.99 CSD service added to my phone plan. Connection speed is extremly slow (9k). Thought I could live with that but now looking for faster connect speeds. Looking to add Media Max 200. What service provider do I use or does that package come with internet service? Has anyone done this with a V557? Also have read that a USB cable will result in faster connect speeds that using Bluetooth?

  • I just got my Nokia E61 working using the Nokia PC suite and setting it manually. You do have to enter for
    Acces Point =Wap.Cingular
    And using the above user and password.
    I also put in the correct modem string under advance settings. (read above to get them)

    It works great, Hopefully I dont get charged extra since i am using the BBconnect Data Plan.

    If anyone has any questions on the Nokia E61, I will try to help you. Good Day

  • I am using Good Link on my Nokia E61 which requires active GPRS or EDGE connection, how would I do this on Nokia E61.


  • hi folks . i an on my phone right now a htc 2125. i have read this article and have had success on both my laptops. currently i am on a macbook intel duo with windows on it. it has a bluetooth module on board. and i have gotten it to connect with on problem. however i recently installed new firmware. some one alre already posted this error. but when i dial. i see the connection but on the dialing part the dialer on the phone gives of an unknown application error. any suggestions? i used to dial with #99* now it wont make a connection unless i dial a variant of *998***3#

  • For all of those wondering about the Cingular 2125 and “tethering” it to your computer to work as a USB or Bluetooth modem, I’ve had excellent success so far with it on the unlimited MediaNet data plan (for 19.95 a month). Complete instructions on how to tether a smartphone (including the Cingular 2125) to a Macintosh are found on this website: A link for the modem script to make this all work is also found on that website. Happy surfing!

  • Hi! I’m trying to use my new Nokia 6102i as a Bluetootth modem.
    I use IVT Corporatio BlueSoleil.
    I’m able to find the pfone , no problem – I see it in BlueSoleil window as one of the deivices connected.
    When I try to use One Touch Access , I select Bluetooth DUN modem from the list, I use all the settings given above bu it never connects!
    I got error One Touch Access unable to connect every time.
    Any ideas on what I need to change in my settings? Perhaps COM port ?
    Also , if I ever able to connect will Bluetooth connection allow me to take advantage of EDGE network and my phone’s EDGE capability?
    How fast is Bluetooth? Won’t it become a bottleneck by given slowe connection then EDGE?
    Thank you.

  • Hi! I have a cingular 8125 and want to connect it to my computer. I have a 551 mot and have no problem but the 8125 is different. I have heard you have to make your computer think it is a modem. any help would be great

  • To razr user:

    I need to know how to get to the modem settings to change the init string to that. As you can see I’m not as smart as some of you when it comes to this stuff.

  • Ok How stupid am I , I have a plan that is 59.99 a month clling cingulars scamming butts right now

  • Here is a copy & paste of what I have

    DTCNUNL $59.99
    5000 NIGHT/WKND MINS CTH $0.00
    MSG STARTER 200 $4.99

    Added Features
    Monthly Cost


  • Sorry for all these posts but I felt I should be clear on how I use the phone with my data plan..I use it as a modem for about 5 hrs everyday mainly playing an RPG and I may check my yahoo email…am I being robbed or is this something totally different please explain anyone.

  • Whoa Tracy. :) I am not sure what that stuff you posted is as I do not work for Cingular…but, it looks to me like you are paying 59.99 a month for your voice minutes. I don’t see anything about a data plan, but if you don’t have one and you are playing a game that uses data transfer, then your bills would likely be through the roof. I would just call Cingular and ask them what you are paying for. Unlimited data plans can be had for $20/mo.

  • Hello all,

    I have just read the Cingular legal stuff and it states ” furthermore, unlimited plans cannot be used for any applications that tether the device, without limitations, Bluetooth etc. to laptops, P.C.s or other equipment for any purpose. “. I was just wondering if anybody has had any issues with them when doing just that? Or is it there just in case they ever want to pull the plug. Please respond if you have been using this type of connection with no problems from Cingular.

  • great content Jason. I thought I would respond to a couple of things real quick since the data stuff in so confusing. First tracy very well may be using her minutes because of the CIRCUIT SWITCHD DATA $0.00 feature. That is what allows for data calls to be made. It is now nearly impossible to get that added the account now because it is a resource hog on the system. It takes up nearly 8x the resources for a CSD call compared to GPRS/Edge and the carrier hates that, not to mention a huge speed difference between that and GPRS/Edge

    Dave is right on the money that you “are not allowed” to use Media Net plans to tether to laptops or PDAs. That requires the Laptop connect plan currently $54-$59 dollars for unlimited with Cingular. If Cingular audits the account they have the right to drop the feature all together. I haven’t heard of it happening yet personally.

    But I do have a question. I sell Cingular service, but I am just now getting into the “unsupported” market of unlocked phones. I recently purchased a unlocked PEBL U6 to use on Cingular. Voice, Txt Msg, works fine, but I’m getting errors trying to connect to internet from the phone. It say GPRS network not available. I have the WAP settings correct, so does anyone have any extensive experience with unlocked equipment.

  • Robert. From what I understand, you can not use the Cingular 8125 as a “modem” for a laptop. Data/PDA phones and smartphones have special hybrid data packages that are designed just for that type of unit. PDA phones have browsers that pull more data than say a RAZR that only has a WAP browser. It is my understanding that the Blackberry with a special package that is intended to cover both RIM data and laptop data is the only PDA style phone that can be used as a modem for a computer (at least by the terms and conditions).

  • First off, this blog has been extremely helpful. Thanks Jason.

    Second, I just just tethered my Sony T637 to my Dell Axim and sync’d with my Exchange server at work.

    The settings I used were similar to what was originally posted with the exception of the phone number which is:


    Dave, this info came from a Cingular rep in Houston after I told him what I was going to use the connection for… it makes me think that it’s a legit way to use the service. Like you say, that clause may just be an out??

  • Jason Thanks for the Blog.

    I have a 2125 and CAN connect to the internet using the USB and cable connection. No Problem.

    But I CAN NOT get the Bluetooth connection to the internet. I followed all the instructions above and many combinations but still can’t get connected. I’m getting the “error 777″. I have tried a number combinations to the Extra Settings & Extra Inialization commands to no avail. My bluetooth connection works as it connects and tries to dial out. FYI: Using Windows XP with SP2. Modem is “Standard Modem over Blutooth Link”. Device Manager is showing that the device is working properly.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appriciated.

  • Trevor, I just created a post on how to connect your Cingular 8125/Cingular 2125 to the internet via Bluetooth. Let me know how this works for you. I just connected my 8125 via Dial-Up Networking over a Bluetooth Connection.

  • Thanks all for the response on the legal garb! I have connected using a bluetooth connection from my laptop to my Mot V551. It woks great. Speed indicates 115.2kbps. However I am comparing it to a dial up modem showing speed of 38.2 kbps, and the dial up seems a lot faster than the bluetooth even though the bluetooth reports the higher speed. Same document loads on dial up at 35 -40 seconds but on the faster bluetooth it takes about 50 -60 seconds. Anybody have any clues to what might be causing this?

  • Dave, I believe that is just the port speed. I have seen anywhere from 25kbps (bits) to 80kbps depending on where I am. Until we get their HSDPA setup (Cingular that is) I would not plan on getting crazy throughput this way. But, it is a great system to have when you are on the road and “have to” get on to check email or something.

  • cingular has indeed grandfathered anybody with a CSD account, but will not activate it for new accounts.

    also, the unlimited internet will work with the 19.99 plan with the 200 messages.

    there’s just no other way around it if you have cingular and you’re just getting around to setting it up.

    i’ll prolly just wait til Christmas and see if there are any specials by then. $20 is a little much when i have wi-fi nearly everywhere i go.

    for a traveler, though, this seems like a reasonable price, IMHO ($.65/day)

  • I have a new HTC TyTN (aka Hermes aka ????).
    I followed some really, really great connection instructions which can be downloaded in PDF format found here:

    These apply to the TyTn and HTC Smartphones only, I THINK.

    I used the device settings found on this page, which for me, using Cingular in the San Francico area were:

    Password: CINGULAR1
    Advanced initiation string thing: +CGDCONT=1, “IP”,”WAP.CINGULAR”
    Phone number: *99***1#

    I had a LOT of trouble, and started over many times. It was key to ensure that I disabled the beam on the PDA, enabled the USB modem on the PDA, after selecting USB modem on the PDA used the menu->start in the lower right hand corner (still on the PDA), then did the windows stuff as in those downloadable instructions.

  • Macbook Pro, Mac X 10.4, user. Thanks for the information. I purchased a Nokia 6102i (EDGE) from Cingular and I asked for the login information to connect to the internet to use my mac laptop. They gave me a 4 digit pin #. When I tried to connect using bluetooth, it asked me for a phone #, user name and password. I immidiately called and asked for this information. The only response that I recieved from them was that the only information that they could provide was a 4 digit pin # and if I couldn’t resolve the connection problem I needed to contact the cell phone manufacturer. I searched on google for “6102i internet mac” and your page came up. I just wanted to thank you for your helpful information. My internet speed is 64kbs, Florida. It works great. Also, be careful when ordering a cell phone, not all the cell phones have the same bluetooth capability. some only support the headset. You should look at the manual to make sure that it would allow you to use it as a modem. Nokia 6102i was the only cell that had EDGE capability and Bluetooth modem access.

  • hi ,
    I have read this information and found very useful, i used the settings to connect my axim x51 to samsung d807 via bluetooth and IT WORKS! only thig is i dont have a Media net max 200 (unlimited internet access ) plan will get soon…and the connection is very slow….iwas expecting SBC (1.5MBPS like speed with EDGE ) but doesnt look like…moreoever my phone always shows G sign on the phone i believe that means GPRS….shouldnt it show E for EDGE…is there a spl setting that would allow me to get edge speeds? which is double than gprs???/
    one more thing is i will be using media net with my pda and not on the phpne so…wil it help me to get the media max with unlimited internet access bundle???? i think…the EDGE speeds are only availbale if you are browing through your phone and not connected to PDA using bluetooth???

    anybosy has any experience with AXIM X 51 and SAMSUNG d807?? plz let me knw…!

  • Hello. I recently bought a d807 with hopes that I could use it as a modem for my new macbook. I enetered everything, left out the user and password and it told me it was connecting, only to disconnect immediately. What’s wrong? Do I need to change the applescript? I’m okay when it comes to technology , but I don’t know what to do. I work at cingular and my boss said that you can’t use media net to tether a phone. I have unlimited data usage and I can’t do it. What do I do? I have no internet, please help.

  • Oh yeah, I left it on the automatic 56k option. I also didn’t put the “AT+CGDCONT=1″ stuff in there.

  • Hello:

    I’ve been using my Motorola Razr V3 to connect to the internet via a USB cord.

    As of late, whenever I view webpages, my connection has been timing out. Could someone point me in the direction of figuring out why?

    These are the following steps I took to connect to the net:

    1. Created a dial up connection in which I named it “My Cingular”
    2. Typed in *99***1# as the phone number.
    3. For the user name: WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM
    4. For the password: CINGULAR1

    The speed I get upon connection is 230.4 kbps and the signal strength is solid (5 out of 5 bars).

    Can any of you guys help me out?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks so much for your information. I use a Razor V3 with Cingular and was able to connect using my iPAQ. You are a lifesaver!

  • I have a Nokia 6102i Bluetooth connected to my Laptop with PC suite and the Bluetooth software. I unlocked the phone to I can use a local SIM card when I travel in Turkey. What is the bets way to use the phone to connect to the internet in Turkey? Get a international ISP service? Subscribe to a Turkish ISP for a month and use the methods above to connect to a local number?

  • In my experience, I would get data service from a local carrier there. I am sure you can either get a stand alone PCMCIA card for your laptop or buy a pre-paid SIM for data. The rates for international data are very high last time I checked.

  • I have a Sony Ericsson Z520a that I am trying to connect as a modem via bluetooth, after having purchased two different pc cards and then finding out Dell does not put the pcmcia slots in their new laptops because it is “old technology”. All the instructions found here worked to set my phone up as modem, but I continually get that there is no dial tone for all of the numbers listed in these posts and therefore can’t establish an internet connection. Any ideas?

  • Found this site very interesting. I have my Samsung D357 set up as a DUN modem. When I connect it shows a speed of 115K. This is actually the “speed limit” set in the modem properties. The actual data transfer speed is around 60K. You can set the maximum speed all the way up to 925K, but you will still only get 60K actual transfer speed… seems to be all the system is capable of in my area.

    Now my questions:
    1. Sometimes my connection will work for hours, other times, it will disconnect repeatedly after only a few minutes. Anybody else run into this, and have a solution?
    2. The TCP/IP setting on this connection are set to “obtain IP address automatically. Does anyone know if there is a static IP address I can enter there. (Thought it may be a possible solution to question 1)


  • I would think you could get something locally for less. Cingular pretty much rakes you over the coals when it comes to international data as far as I know. And, they seem to change what they are doing over seas relatively often. I believe they have “tethering” plans for phones as well as devices such as the blackberry, but you will not likely see the speeds you do from your PCMCIA card. Capping your data is a load of crap in my mind when you are paying $140/mo for “unlimited data”. Anyay, I would see if you can get a card from some local carrier that will do what you want for less.


  • thanx ….. its awsome using motorazer gprs connection at 10mbps downloadable speed


  • Jason,

    I just set up my girlfriends computer with the settings you listed at the top of this page. I wanted to make sure everything worked before starting up the Media net service. It all worked great. After calling Cingular and activating the service, the laptop can not connect. Have things changed since your initial post. Does she now have a specific user name and password or is it all the same. She has a V3 Razr. Please help. Everything worked before activating the service. Does anyone know if Cingular has now changed things on the phones?

  • I need help.. I have done all the steps.. I have paired my cingular 8125 with my laptop and set up a dial up network.. Everything seems to be fine.. When I click connect it tells me im connected at 115kbs.. But when I open internet explorer I get the dreaded check your settings page. Im not able to access the internet. And I do have a media net plan.. HELP!!!

  • in seach of a soluction, I have a motorola V3 blue unlocked phone, and I have try everything there is to try, and after reading your site my question is done I need a bluetooth to connect to medianet?

  • Hi,

    I just bought a new 8125. I have not subscribed to the data plan. Wifi works fine. But I was wondering how I can use the phone to dialup to the internet and log on to my ISP just as I would if i had a phone line connected to my laptop. I have tried all the settings as I attempted to log on, dialing my ISPs local #. But the 8125 won’t connect. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • If you’re trying to connect using Cingular’s Communication Manager software, here’s a list of what cards and phones are compatible (1), if your phone isn’t on here like my Sony Ericsson Z520a you can’t use Cingular’s software and you’ll have to set up a dial up connection as I did, I had so much trouble but finally got it to work through these instructions (2) Good luck!

    (1) LaptopConnect Devices
    Compatible with Cingular Communication Manager

    To find out if your device works with Cingular Communication Manager software version 5.3, please check your device model against the list below.
    If using a LaptopConnect Card, your model number is typically on the bottom of the card.
    If using your phone as a modem, your phone model number can usually be found underneath the battery of the phone.

    Compatible LaptopConnect Cards*Manufacturer / Device Technology Connection Type Supported
    Sierra Wireless
    AC710 LaptopConnect card EDGE/GPRS/GSM PC TYPE II
    AC750 LaptopConnect card EDGE/GPRS/GSM PC TYPE II
    AC775 LaptopConnect card EDGE/GPRS/GSM PC TYPE II
    AC860 LaptopConnect card HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM PC TYPE II
    Sony Ericsson
    GC82 LaptopConnect card EDGE/GPRS/GSM PC TYPE II
    GC83 LaptopConnect card EDGE/GPRS/GSM PC TYPE II
    Globetrotter Combo LaptopConnect card EDGE/GPRS/GSM/WLAN PC TYPE II
    Novatel Wireless
    U520 LaptopConnect card UMTS PC TYPE II

    Compatible Handsets*Manufacturer / Device Technology Connection Type Supported
    CU320 UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM USB, Bluetooth
    C1300 GPRS/GSM Serial
    G4050 GPRS/GSM Serial
    L1200 GPRS/GSM Serial
    V60gi GPRS/GSM USB
    BT3600 GPRS/GSM IrDA
    6620 GPRS/GSM USB, IrDA
    6800 GPRS/GSM USB, IrDA
    7610 GPRS/GSM USB
    E317 GPRS/GSM Serial, IrDA
    S307 GPRS/GSM Serial, IrDA
    X427M GPRS/GSM Serial
    A56 GSM USB
    Sony Ericsson
    * Subject to availability. Models and specifications subject to change without notice.

    Note: If your device is listed under Compatible Devices, it will work with the Cingular Communication Manager software. If your device is NOT listed, Cingular Communication Manager software does not support your device.

    (2) Connecting the handset and the laptop:

    Ensure any Sync software is disabled on the device.
    Activate Bluetooth on the Sony Ericsson Z520a.
    Verify the modem has been installed correctly in Windows XP. (Please note this solution has been created for the above mentioned Windows operating systems. Some icons may be different however the path and functionality is the same.

    From the desktop click Start > Settings > Control Panel.

    Double click on Phone and Modem Options. NOTE: in Windows XP users may need to switch to Classic View.

    Select the Modems tab.

    Verify the Modem is there and has been installed correctly.

    If you do not see the modem listed and attached to a specific COM port verify the modem is currently connected.
    Highlight the desired modem and select Properties.
    Click the Diagnostics tab, then click Query Modem.

    The modem will now be tested to verify a connection can be established.

    Once completed the AT Commands should be listed with a response of Success and the device model.)

    If device not recognized, user must contact laptop manufacturer or their employer’s IT department.

    Setting up and making the Connection:

    If given the option select Dial-Up Networking, this option auto configures the Dial-Up Networking session.
    If not given the option, manually create a Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking session in Windows XP.

    Creating a Dial-Up Networking Connection for Windows XP via Bluetooth.

    Microsoft Windows XP

    Modem / Tethering

    Setting up the Connection:

    Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel.

    Double click Network Connections.

    Click on Create a new connection.

    The New Connection Wizard window appears, click the Next button.

    Select Connect to the Internet.
    Click the Next button.

    Select Set up my connection manually.
    Click the Next button.

    Select the Connect using a dial-up modem.
    Click the Next button.

    Select the Bluetooth modem that is being used for the GPRS Connection. Only one device may be selected.
    Click the Next button.

    Type the name “GPRS” for the connection name.
    Click the Next button.

    In the Phone number field enter *99#.
    NOTE: Phone number can also be entered as *99***1#, or *99***(CID Number)#
    NOTE: By default 1 is the CID, but can change.
    Click the Next button.

    Enter Password: CINGULAR1 (ALL CAPS)
    Enter Password again in the Confirm box: CINGULAR1 (ALL CAPS)
    Uncheck the following boxes:
    Use this account name and password when anyone connects to the Internet from this computer.
    Make this the default Internet connection.
    Turn on Internet Connection Firewall for this connection.
    Click the Next button.

    To access this connection quickly from the desktop, tick the box to Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop.
    Click the Finish button.

    Making the Connection:

    Select the icon with the name of your connection. Leave the Username and Password fields blank.
    Click on Dial to establish an active connection.

    A window will display the status of the connection with the network.

  • Have you tried connecting through Cingulars new SG or UMTS. I am considering one of the new super fast SG capable phones

  • hi does anyone know if i connect my laptop via cingular will it be possibel to use my vonage soft- phone softwear & make calls via computer

  • I have a new Cingular 3100 (Windows SmartPhone) with PDA Connect Unlimited Plan trying to connect a Dell Axim. Everything looks like it will work according to the listed settings above but it connects to the phone for a few seconds and then the connection fails.

    I have a feeling that this is not allowed through my plan.

  • I just got it to work. The secret was found in the strangest place. I found it in the owners manual! The only thing that I changed was the phone number. I used *99# This was all it took. I connected at like 125 or 115, I don’t remember. Both my PC and Axim x50 now work with bluetooth and my 19.99 a month PDA connect plan. The owners manual also says that you don’t need a user name and password but I have not tried that yet.
    Thanks for all of the posts on this page!!!

  • hi i was looking to link bluetooth to my lap-top but cannot see bluetooth icon in control panel it says in help to go to control panel & set up from their any help u gyus can offer thanks

  • Hi I have a Motorola PEBL U6 and I can’t get my GPRS network setup. Everytime I try to set it up with the stupid T-mobile settings it doesn’t work, and t-mobile has been no help at all.
    If you could help me set it up that would be great! thank you!

  • Hello, I have the new cingular sync, and I cannot get my sony vaio to recognize the phone as a modem when I am connected through a USB data connect cable. The computer will recognoze the phone as a device, and will even transfer files, but when I try to setup a new connection as described above, It will not list this device as a possible modem choice. Does anyone know how to do this without using bluetooth, since I already have the cable, but not the bluetooth equipment.

    Thanks in Advance, Jeremy

  • hey when it comes to setting up the LG CU500 on some macs you need a generic script instead of the “sprint script” it is the only one that would connect for me….., im connecting at avarage speeds in an edge/gprs area, but hey its internet

  • I have a Motorola L2 and was only able to connect at 115k using the instructions but, the problem is I can get the browser to work or anything else. It’s showing that I’m connected. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this problem?

  • hi to everybody..i have a hp hw6515 right now..i want to use it as a dial up modem i wanted to know two things..
    1) when i use the internet through my phone is cingular going to charge me for MINUTES or for DATA PLANS
    2) if its for DATA PLAN then what is a data plan i mean is medianet considered as a data plan also?
    3) if its MINUTES does it use local minutes.
    m getting desperate with this dial up networking
    waiting for any answer

  • I just got the Novatel XU870 and just got it working on my Macbook Pro using their guide and the following settings:
    Telephone #: wap.cingular
    Password: CINGULAR1

  • Jason, thank you so much! I’m currently deployed overseas in Qatar, and we have no civilian internet service available here on my base, and the Army-provided one blocks MySpace, AIM, just about everything fun. I am connected via USB to my laptop, thanks to your help. I’m getting 480kbs, which is a little faster than dialup, but it’s unfiltered and it’s relatively cheap — only $20/mo for unlimited data!
    I’m piggy-backing off of Q-Tel here, and while it seems to ‘idle’ every few minutes, it’s still better than what I had. Take care, and thank you!


  • Hello, I am trying to get connected using my Rzr V3. I set up a DUN and put all the username/password/number in right but I keep getting Error 734. Is there something simple I am overlooking? Thanks,


  • Great thread here.

    I started with my Cingular Razr V3 tethered to my laptop via Bluetooth. Using the *99# number with no username or password, I connected. It was very slow, but worked.

    Intrigued, I had to go further. I upgraded to the LG CU400 phone (with 3G capability) and added the MediaNet unlimited package. I connected using the same settings as above (*99#, no username/password), and it worked fine.

    I went to and ran their test – was geting 300K + speeds. Not bad.

    Unfortunately, this phone isn’t fully compatible with the bluetooth handfree built into my car, so it’s probably going back. (This function takes priority over a tethered laptop connection) Doesn’t look like there’s currently a 3G Cingular phone that is fully compatible with my car, so I may have to go back to an EDGE handset. Not all bad, because in the locations where I would need the tethering capability, it’s unlikely that 3G service would be available anyway.

    I’m curious as to why others seem to have to use complicated username/passwords and modem strings to get this to work. Also, I’ve found documentation right on Cingular’s website on how to set this up.



  • I recently performed a bluetooth pairing between my laptop and my LG CU500. Through trial & error (after looking at various websites that explained process) I was able to use DUN to connect to cingular’s network (this was on a Sunday fairly recently). When I called cingular on a weekday, I was told that there was a data charge. I, then, proceeded to ask about the different types of plans (Media Net vs. Data). I was told that the Media Net package was good for data transfer’s to the phone, however, as the data was different that would be going to a laptop (whether by formatting of video files for the phone vs for whitepapers, I’m not quite sure) I would need that Data package that would run $60 / mo vs. the Media Net package that would run $19 to $24 / mo. Can anyone clear this up and shed some light on it for me (live in Arkansas)?

    I had connected with and really don’t know what difference it makes whether isp or wap.cingular****** is used.

  • Thank you so much! Your instructions worked perfectly and I get online now with my phone. Cingular was no help at all.

    Thanks again,

  • Can I use Cingular “voice” minutes to real my dialup AOL or Bell South ISP from my V3 Razor? Thanks.

  • Yes, you need to get on a CSD plan. I think it is silly, but you have to call them up and tell them that you want to add CSD, or Circuit Swithed Data feature on your account.

  • Sorry, but, I am overwhelmed.

    Is it possible that there is an easy-to-understand solution for a novice like myself to use my Cingular Sony Ericsson Z525a for those rare occasions when I am traveling and need to use dial-up for my new MacBook w/ Intel Core Duo2?

    What do I need to do to my phone, to my MacBook and/or what additional service do I require? I currently have a Cingular Unlimited national calling plan.

  • I tried connecting, and had successfully before with a program called BlueSoleil. Now, however, when i dial in, it comes back with an error saying a connection to the remote computer could not be established, so the port used for this connection was closed. I am currently using the CU500 with cingular service, and they refuse to acknowledge a connection is possible without subscribing to the data plan. I currently have the Media Max 200 bundle with unlimited media net. Any help would be great.

  • Jason,

    This is really a remarkable site! I recenlty purchased a Samsung d897 and am in the process of attempting to sync it to my lenovo thinkpad x60s through bluetooth. The devices appear to not be “seeing” one another. Do you have any suggestions, re how I came help them along?

    Kind regards,

  • Jason,

    This is really a remarkable site! I recenlty purchased a Samsung d897 and am in the process of attempting to sync it to my lenovo thinkpad x60s through bluetooth. The devices appear to not be “seeing” one another. Do you have any suggestions, re how I came help them along?

    Kind regards,

  • OK I just Tried to get CSD added to my account and they say its only available for qualified government agencies….Is this accurate?

  • How can cingular block CSD calls while allow dial-up networking calls using laptops and using the phone as a soft modem? I thought CSD uses the same protocol as dialup. Is this something that they are just disabling at the phone firmware?

  • I recently connected my laptop to my Razr V3. When I called Cingular, I was told that the Media Net (19.99) package was good for data transfer to the phone but if I wanted to connect my laptop to my phone I would need that Data package that would run $60? Is this true?

  • i have one of the family plans on cingular, i am getting a razr v3 this week and would like to know what else i would have to order to be able to hook it up to my acer laptop, what services would i have to add to my plan to be able to use it to connect and surf from my pc while we r traveling……….. thank you for this site…. please rsvp

  • I have a NOKIA 6820- Formerly AT and T– have not migrated to cingular. Am on unlimtied M-Mode. Was able to tether to my laptop thru my phone- but now have to reconfigure it all because of changing phones. (same model)

    I put in the settings as i thought they would be- but I think those are for MediaNet (now Cingular) Is there a different user name or IP for MMode/At and T?

    I connect and then it says “Subscribe to GPRS first” and I already have. Do i have to change settings in my phone? help!!

  • i can’t use my cingular mobile phone which is sonyericsson z500a to access the net in Ghana. It just not able to identify and attached cable and can’t synchronise with my pc. Why is this? can you help me set it up? However, it can be queried using device manager.

  • my sony ericsson z500a can’t detect my usb cable meanwhile the power unit shows that it is charging.
    How can i solve this problem. It does not detect an accessory attached though the usb cable will be attached. I want to use it to access the internet.

  • I am in Nepal, I am going to Africa. I am exremely worried about two things.

    Roaming Charges? Do I pay for some roaming charges when I am piggybacking on a partner network to access the internet?

    Pop and SMTP, I want to upload, download emails, to minimize online times if paying. Most allow download, but many block ISP’s block me from sending.

    Does Cingular allow me to use my Yahoo Pop account, or do I need to have a cingular email. I am not going to change email addreess

    Andy in Pokjara Nepal

  • I just got my Merlin XU870 hooked up and working too, but using the following settings: Account name: WAP.CINGULAR.GPRS (rather than the WAP@CINGULAR.GPRS as above), telephone wap.cingular, password CINGULAR1. It worked well except for some interference noise similar to that which occurs when my cell phone is about to ring too near my laptop. Any ideas what is causing this? It is rather annoying as it is continuous. Thanks for a great site — it gave me the courage to plunge ahead and buy the Merlin card. Best Regards, Lauren Perreault, Realtor, Licensed Broker, South Bay Brokers, Inc.,

  • I successful
    ly got my RAZR V3 to access via Bluetooth but when I downloaded the Cingular comm software to go USB, I got the dreaded error 734. I called Cingular and they insured me that those with MediaNet accounts could not use their phone as a modem to the internet. Going back to Bluetooth, I can no longer can connect as I did before getting different error messages.

    How important is the APN parameter and where does one find it? I have been all over ever bit and byte of software and cannot find it. Using XP SP2.


  • Hello and Thank you Jason and others,
    I’m using a 2125, bluetooth, and DUN via MEdianet Unlimited and all works pretty well. I’m considering purchasing a used unlocked T-Mobile Dash, so I can have QWERTY. If I configure the DASH internet with the same settings as my 2125, will it work with the same wap unlimited data package? Will I connect to my laptop the same way? Thank you.

  • Has something changed? Both my friend and I have not been able to connect using setting we have had for over a year. I am in North Carolina and wonder if there is a way to connect.

  • HELP!!

    I have had success with all of the instructions using my MACbook and Motorola RAZR v3 in the past but all of a sudden I am getting strange error messages… seems to connect but loses it quickly and says the modem unexpectedly quit….can someone give me the settings again – I think I may have changed something in my numerous attempts to connect that has affected it


  • If you read the new pahmplet from Cingular on unlimited media connect you will find small print on the backside page that says Cingular will now begin charging a data per kb rate for anyone going over 6 megs in small fine print, anyone seen this enforced cause Im paying 59.99 for unlimited data use right now.

  • I used the standard setup you mention above to connect my old Razr to internet wiht my iPAQ.
    BUT then I upgraded the phone to the Razr V3xxx and can’t get it to work no matter what setting I use on the iPAQ

  • READY TO STROKE OUT due to Cingular’s just plain incompetence!!

    Here’s the story: I got the same lead-on as everyone else, an offer in December to upgrade to Palm’s Treo 680 from the 650 for $74 or so…figuring I had naught to lose, I took ’em up on the offer. I had been particularly interested in the DUN feature of the 680.

    I asked when I upgraded whether I’d be charged a different rate or an upgrade fee if I re-upped my contract to get this device. Was assured by customer service I could use DUN with my unlimited PDA data plan.

    So, just now I go to pair the 680 with my IBook…get the PPP configured, install modem scripts, and get nothing but authentication errors. I call up Cingular to find out what gives, and find out they charge $.01 per KILOBYTE of service for DUN on TOP of my “unlimited data plan”.

    So loading, say, the front page of would cost me at least $5.00 after all the ads and spyware. Unbelievable!

    Just my luck my 30-day window to return the damn thing expired last week. I decided to call and ask to be let out of the contract anyway…honestly, I think I’d have a case if I contested this with my credit card. “Unlimited data plan”? Give me a break. However, after a few-minute wait on hold, the Cingular rep agreed and I’m scheduled to mail the 680 back this week.

    Why on earth did they not at least mention to me that there was such an animal as the MediaNet plan? Why are they offering the ability to use DUN free with MediaNet, and not with the more-expensive PDA plans?? It almost seems as though they’re trying to encourage people into staying with browserless phones, which is idiocy given the existing limitations of PDA browsers like Palm’s Blazer (which won’t show pages with extensions like .cfm or .php, among others.)

    October 28th, 2006 at 9:26 pm
    Shunsa Says:
    I have a new Cingular 3100 (Windows SmartPhone) with PDA Connect Unlimited Plan trying to connect a Dell Axim. Everything looks like it will work according to the listed settings above but it connects to the phone for a few seconds and then the connection fails.

    I have a feeling that this is not allowed through my plan.

    That’s exactly what happened to me. Beware! You’re only allowed to use DUN for less than a million dollars if you’re willing to agree to a service plan that’s half the price of the browser phones!! For crying out loud.

  • I havea Cingular LG225, bought the USB cable but haven’t any drivers, any help?

  • I have an unlimited data plan and Vonage for my home phone. I also have a fax machine that is used for occasional faxing (maybe once a month). Faxing is an extra-cost feature on Vonage.

    Is it possible to connect the fax machine to my cellular phone to send a paper copy that is not available in an electronic form and therefore must be sent via the fax machine?

  • A. This forum is very disorganized and blotty on details…for one…if you use WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM…you don’t get charged…period…doesn’t even show on the bills…

    B. For all the information given here…only portions are helpful…you see where you say put in the string “BLAH”, but you never say exactly how to do such…well at least on windows XP…

    C. Do not listen to people that do not work for cingular…in fact…I would only listen to technical support or Product management when it comes to getting this technical about phones…if you aren’t careful you could seriously screw something up in your phone and if you access a japan website…and you are using it as a dial in modem…i.e. using airtime instead of data…you will be charged the roaming rates…so I would highly advice contacting a cingular/att rep before getting in depth about this information…you never know whom you are leading in the wrong direction…

  • Jason, I have an 8125. I keep getting error 777, “The connection attempt failed because the modem or other connecting device on the remote computer is out of order”

    Is the setup string in your blog supposed to be set up on the laptop or on the 8125? I assume it’s set up on the laptop. What settings need to be in place on the 8125 if any?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • HEY NORM .. IM GETING THE 8125 soon .. Are u on the Media Net plan ulimated !!! Can u use it on the Phone .. ANd not get charged for overusage .. Cause some people say if u dont get the PDA Plan u well get charged !!!!

  • Jason-

    Gosh what a great site. You have pretty much answred all my questions about if this is even possible. But I do have a couple questions.

    I am thinking of getting a MOTORAZR V3xx and using it as a cell phone mostly and a modem when I can’t get wifi.

    First, do you think this phone can do this, and if so how do you suggest I connect it to the computer? I know I can use a USB cord if I want, but I was thinking about getting a wireless card for my laptop instead. Can you recomend any card that would be good for a Dell Inspiron 8500 for this application and also good for wifi? I currently have a linxus USB wifi scanner/card that I use to get on wireless networks. Will this work or should I go with a card?

    I think by all the information that you have here, I can get it to work, I just want to get the correct hardware the first time around so I can get up and running quickly.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hey to all fellow Phone Monkeys. I have a regular Sony Ericson phone…(phone retarded on all other symbols) and I have no idea what this is that u are talkin about (also didn’t read top of page) I figured it would be easier if you just explain…(in hillbilly language Please.) what all this crazy stuff is?and why I even need it?

  • Let me first say. This is great resource. I got CSD activated on my Cingular/W600i so I could connect to Internet via “DUN” from laptop. BTW, CSD is still $3.99 /month.

    I am able to connect to Internet/SBC by DUN fine (get 9.6 KBPS as expected). [ It took a while to get all of this working ]

    However, now issue is, it keeps getting disconnecting after few minutes (3-4 minutes). Do I need to add anything to connection string? I do straght dial to ISP local number.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  • hey just thought that i’d let yall know that i’m using a palm T|X to connect to the internet using my Sony ericson W600I with unlimited media net and using the settings as stated way back at the top of this thread. Well i went looking because seeing as my parents are still paying for my phone and service and they go over the bill with a fine tooth comb i wanted to be really careful to see that i wouldn’t get and surprise charges. Well while i was looking at cingular’s site i came across this in their Wireless Data Service Terms and Conditions

    “Furthermore, unlimited plans (except for DataConnect and Blackberry Tethered) cannot be used for any applications that tether the device (through use of, including without limitation, connection kits, other phone/PDA-to-computer accessories, Bluetooth® or any other wireless technology) to laptops, PCs, or other equipment for any purpose.”

    So i wasn’t sure as to how can they tell that you’re “tethering”, and what that means exactly, because i’m using the palm the exact same way that i use oprea mini on my phone, it’s just got a bigger screen. I also noticed while reading the Wireless Data Service Terms and Conditions that the person in a previous post I THINK might have been a little mislead about the unlimited capping at 6mb (now being only 17 i’m not a lawyer yet, but i think they’re talking about while on another network’s systems).

    “If your usage of the Services (including unlimited data plans) on other carrier’s networks (“offnet usage”) during any two consecutive months exceeds your offnet usage allowance, Cingular may at its option terminate your wireless service or access to data Services, deny your continued use of other carriers’ coverage, or change your plan to one imposing usage charges for offnet usage. Your offnet usage allowance is equal to the lesser of 6 megabytes or 20% of the kilobytes included with your plan.”

    So I was wondering if anyone had any input on this seeing as i would love to be able to use this since i’m stuck with verizon dsl which only gets me 50kb/s download speeds right now and i know i can get better than that using my phone to connect to cingular’s systems.

    Also I would like to sympathize with all of you poor souls who wasted their time with cingular’s technical support I have spent my fair share trying to get answers that seem to not exist (and this was before AT&T bought them out so expect things to get even worse).

  • They can tell if a computer is tethered because the computer uses a dun to connect, which is a completely different network than the wap network.

    phone using medianet/wap ip
    OrgName: Cingular Wireless
    OrgID: CINW
    Address: Cingular Wireless, LLC
    Address: 12555 Cingular Way, Suite 4360
    City: Alpharetta
    StateProv: GA
    PostalCode: 30004
    Country: US

    NetRange: –
    NetHandle: NET-66-102-160-0-1
    Parent: NET-66-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Allocation

    computer using dun ip
    OrgName: Service Provider Corporation
    OrgID: SPC-10
    Address: 442 Route 202-206 North
    Address: # 485
    City: Bedminster
    StateProv: NJ
    PostalCode: 07921-0523
    Country: US

    NetRange: –
    NetName: NETBLK-CDPD-B
    NetHandle: NET-166-128-0-0-1
    Parent: NET-166-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Assignment
    NameServer: NS.CDPDSPCO.ORG

    I guess what I need to figure out is how to network the phone and computer, then get proxy software to run on the phone so the request all go to the wap network.

  • Hi, my wife has a Palm Zire 72s which used to connect easily with a V551 when we were on m-mode. But due to a phone malfunction, we switched over to the orange side and got some V3 RAZRs. Though I can successfully attach my Dell X50v on my V3 using the advice from this blog, I haven’t been able to do it with for the Palm. I know others have asked for help, but no one has chimed in with answers. I need assistance; I fear I won’t get it from Cingular.

  • I’ve been with Cingular’s “Media Max 200″ on my SE P900 for quite a while and It’s been a charm. My only complaint’d be, that I can’t play ‘streaming video’ from the web.

  • Folks, I think the trouble is with my Init Strings. There appears to be nothing for the V3. Seems like with some other Moto phones, there’s something there. So, any clues there? I think the PhoneLink utility just is broken and there’s no update since 2005, despite the fact that many phone generations have come and gone…

  • Luis – Just connect to web via V3 and Cingualr with my Palm TX using it’s own built in setup menu default configurations.

  • # Cingular Rep Says:
    March 5th, 2007 at 10:51 pm

    A. This forum is very disorganized and blotty on details…for one…if you use WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM…you don’t get charged…period…doesn’t even show on the bills…

    B. For all the information given here…only portions are helpful…you see where you say put in the string “BLAH”, but you never say exactly how to do such…well at least on windows XP…

    C. Do not listen to people that do not work for cingular…in fact…I would only listen to technical support or Product management when it comes to getting this technical about phones…if you aren’t careful you could seriously screw something up in your phone and if you access a japan website…and you are using it as a dial in modem…i.e. using airtime instead of data…you will be charged the roaming rates…so I would highly advice contacting a cingular/att rep before getting in depth about this information…you never know whom you are leading in the wrong direction…

  • ok, so i’ve seen other post on the LG CU500, but not sure i’ve seen any answers, i live in central missouri, and have the Media Net + 200 messages (19.99) package.

    and i want to connect my pc to the phone modem, i dont care how, or what ever, i just want highspeed, since i’m outside an area where i can get anyother highspeed service, i seen the part about adding the CSD plan but i wondered how that worked, and if it does indeed charge to talk minutes, even if durning a free talk time, and the speed that can be reached doing so.

    and does the same script and other instructions work for the phones no matter which one u have?

    i only have a 700min talk plan, with night and weekends free starting at 7pm, so i’m courious as to the best way to go about getting what i want without paying an extra $60 or whatever,

    and are the above post instructions still working, we have tried a few things, but i still have trouble, i was only able to connect once and it was not very much faster than my regular dial up.

    if i can’t get the lg cu500 to connect the way i want, any other ideas on what i can do, maybe buy another phone and switch out my sim card? i’m stuck in a brand new 2yr contract i got 2 cu500 for nothing, and i love the phone thus far have not had some of the other problems that ppl complain about the phone, all though i dont see it doing anything that other similar phones can do. and thats y i got this phone i thought it out did the other newest phones.

    any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks, love your site…..christy

  • If Anyone is interested. I am running Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. I have a IBM Thinkpad R50 and a Motorola V557. I connect to cingular’s gprs network, via the 19.99 Media Max unlimited.
    In order for it to work you must “apt-get” or go to Synaptic package manager and install Gnome ppp. In the Phone #box enter: *99***1#
    password: CINGULAR1

    pay attention to all caps!!
    under setup
    Modem: auto detect the device,
    Type: usb modem
    uncheck the “wait for dialtone”

    Now swap to options:
    uncheck all boxes except: “Ignore terminal strings (stupid mode)”
    then set your idle time to “0” disabled.
    close window.
    Now connect and enjoy!

  • hi I know this is not the place for this question but i have read through some of the rsponces and found that you all seem to know quite alot about this phone. So here is my question. What is a good backup programme for this phone? I have data that I really need to backup but have a backup programme. Please help.

  • Can the LG CU400 be set up to do Internet Connection Sharing through a laptop on my home network?

  • Anyone know how to set this up with the 8525 and UMTS?

  • Has anyone discovered how to make this work with a Cingular 2125 and a notebook running Vista? I’d be thrilled with either a USB or Bluetooth solution at this point. Thanks very much for any help that can be provided.

  • hey anybody know what might be causing a browser setup not complete message on my new at&t razor

  • For those using the Cingular 8125, you need to use *99# for the phone number. When I used the #99***# I kept getting a error 777.

  • hey there im using airtel mobile office network service it is very slow can anybody guide me how to increase the speed of the net via blue tooth or via DKU 2 usb cable

  • Ack… I had to look around for an hour (just like you) but you had everything here. Except for the APN.

    But I thought you had to put the APN: wap.cingular
    or else it didn’t work.

    Any reason why I can leave it blank?

  • Also wanted to let everyone know that HSDPA is appearing in a lot of places where Cingular doesn’t say it exists.

    In miami and Fort Lauderdale we’ve had HSDPA (1.3Mbps for like a year) even though it still doesn’t show in their list of cities where they provide 3G.

    So definitely walk into your local shop and ask them to try the 3G to see if it’s your city.

    It’s silly for them to hide this.

  • I followed the instructions and was able to connect Bluetooth via my Cingular 2125 to a Vista Home Premium machine! No luck with USB though. Thanks a LOT! God bless…

  • thank you very much for the info, i am not connected to my pocket pc dell axim x50v because of the setup info u provided that cingular do not want to share. Anyway, i would like to ask you if u could give me the correct setting for my nokia n73 access point. I can only connect to my media net but not to opera browser i purchased. I just want to make sure i have the right configuration. The configuration setting im using is from nokia wap/grps and mms setting. But i can only connect to medianet and not to third party software like opera browser. Please email me.

  • iron guevarra.

    If your regular browser works on your nokia the other software should too.

    if the WAP settings look for the APN field and put: APN: wap.cingular

    Put the rest of the information that Jason gave you (case is important):
    password: CINGULAR1

    And make sure there are no “proxy” set up. (if they are remove them.

    On the windows mobile devices: there is different “ways” to connect to the devices.
    “WAP” and “INTERNET” and are used differently.
    The built in browser in windows mobile will figure out WHICH one you setup, but other programs like SKYPE and Messenger will ONLY use the “INTERNET” one.

    If I remember my Nokia Smartphone settings this isn’t the case with them, but just look around with any kind of Nokia Internet setting pages, and see if that’s the difference.

    The information Jason provided her is king. (and will make your device work with all applications) but it’s just a matter of how NOKIA chooses to setup things.

  • i just bought a lg f9200 phone and i cannot connect to the web i was if u could give me instruction on how i can access the internet i tried all the set up instructions and they wont work can someone help me

  • Well, we have a Motorola L2 here, and I use Windows XP MCE 2005 and Toshiba’s Bluetooth Stack 5.x, along with built-in Dell 350 Bluetooth 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, and 2.0 + EDR, without success. I got it working on my desktop that uses a BT 1.2 dongle and Windows Vista’s own Bluetooth stack. The all settings are identical, with the AT/IP/wap.cingular command added. Any ideas?

  • how to set up the internet connection on my pda 8125

  • when i set up a tethered modem w/ my phone i used the number *99# is ther any difference in service between this one and the one stated above?

  • also as stated above, i do get 112.5kbps connection speed… what edge is to deliver.

  • I noticed that the ATT logo appeared on my Nokia today 20July07. Will the log in change for us or will ‘cingular’ still get us connected for a while?

  • T-mobile has ended internet access for $5.99. It appears that a windows mobile phone (5.0) can be configured to access the internet if you have existing ISP service. Question: can the windows mobile phone use existing desktop-type ISP service, like, to use the internet while mobile?? Thanks

  • I have a Samsung Sync (A707) phone with the Media Max (200) Bundle {unlimited video/media net + 200 txt msgs} I downloaded the Samsung PC Studio software which automatically installed the drivers for Windows and set up a dial-up modem connection that allowed my phone to be used as an internet gateway (it automatically grabbed the settings from my phone and inputted them in the settings)

    Get this, my max download speed was 250kbps (2.5mbps).


    Although I chatted with a few CS reps, and asked if my media max bundle allowed unlimited data transfers and they said yes, but when I brought up the above they changed their tune. I then chatted with one as if I was going to be a new customer. I brought up the scenario above they said that the media max is not for tethered connections and that there are no tethered data plans for my phone.

    Hmm, so I’m still wondering whether or not if my media max bundle is covering this….the settings were and for the login.

    Anyone know for sure if the media max bundle is unlimited in a tethered setting?

  • i followed your steps to set up the network connection but when i try to connect it dials, verifies the username and password, and then sits for a while at registering your computer on the network. Then it finally pops up an error message that says: error 734: the ppp link control protacall was terminated. any ideas? help would be greatly apreciated.

  • FYI… Not sure if anyone can use this, however…

    I was able to use Jason’s information above to use the Cingular 8125 as a USB modem as opposed to using Bluetooth.

    The only modification was the dial-up number which was *99# otherwise Jason’s posted credentials worked.
    password: CINGULAR1

    Note: Activating the Modem Link on the 8125 is necessary before using the phone as a modem

  • Per my notes above, the 8125 reported a connection speed of 230.4 kbps.

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  • prodigy not prodigi,LOL sorry bout that:D

  • Are there any changes now that AT&T is Cingular??? It seems as though many of their web sites are changing?
    And what if you use HSDPA G3?

  • jeepinit77,
    I recognize my response is 10 months late. I also have the same symptoms with my Samsung D357. Connection drops after a few minutes, and only about 60kbps speed. I have found I can extend the connection time by limiting the number of internet connections my PC makes. For instance if I use both Outlook and Yahoo Instant Messenger, then I will get a drop-off and will have to re-boot my phone (pull battery) to get it going again. But if I use only one application then the connection will stay on for hours and transfer several megabytes. I think it is an issue with the D357, and I am looking into changing phones. Any recomendations? Also, any truth to a data limit being implemented for Media Net Unlimited?

  • Like kevin, I too get error 734 on a V3xx. I had this working several months ago and now it no longer works. Has someting changed at att?

  • Thank you. This thread really helped me a lot. I was trying to tether my HP iPAQ hw6515 and MacBook. Ultimately, the only problem I ran into was selecting the right modem script. The “WWAN Support” Modem was the only one I could get to work. I couldn’t find one for my phone on the Internet. Also, The only phone number I could get to work for me was “*99#” and I discovered that any username and password would work for me. For example, i am using the word “null” for both my username and password. The only two hangups for me now are 1) the speed — I am only getting about 40kbits down and 27kbits up and 2) I cannot use voice and data at the same time. I have the unlimited data plan, but this fact makes me wonder if I am using up my minutes also. Well, good luck to everyone and if anyone has any insight into my problems, I would greatly appreciate it.

  • hi, i, need your help. i have a dell axim x50 and a sony ericsson z520a, the phone alredy has a wap connection, but i w’ll like to have an internet connection on my pocket pc. how can i dial up, with my phone?

  • Hi, I have a Samsung D407 with Cingular The New AT&T and I recently purchased a VoiceStar Bluetooth USB Adapter for My Emachine PC Windows Vista, I subscribed to a Unlimited Tethering Plan, and It works,Im on the Edge Network and it only Connects Me at 104kbps but the modem is set to 115.2kbps. I thought it would be faster. Any Suggestions to the speed. Thanks!

  • my grandson is running up minutes dialing 415-244-1012, which I found out is the Cingular CSD dial up number.He has no laptop, can the internet be accessed and viewed on his Razor?

  • What is the dial up number and password to be used with/for AT&T’s 3G service???

    This is it for their EDGE service … Is it the same? or must something else be used?

    dial-up number which was *99# otherwise Jason’s posted credentials worked.
    password: CINGULAR1


  • Hi,
    I used to be able to use these connection setting no problem exactly as you stated; for my old laptop and my new laptop over the bluetooth connection; and it worked great especially in 3g areas.

    However now I’m having trouble connecting with my old laptop and even my new laptop through the bluetooth connection.

    I called up Cingular now the new At&t about two days ago because my texting wasn’t working they said they had to update my network setting; maybe this had something to do with it.

    Then, yesterday I called them inquiring on how to properly setup the connection and the representative notified me that I need to pay 59.99 to be able to do that while I had been only paying an extra 19.99 per month for unlimited.

    Can someone please help me solve this issue. Have the network setting changed because they switched over to AT&T. Thanks.

  • Take a look at this:
    It is dated though.
    I have the the $19.99 plan and it has worked well … but I just upgraded to 3G and not sure how it will work out … When I switched to 3G the fellow at the store told me I needed to change from the old media net (Edge) 19.99 to a different 19.99 all inclusive and that my internet coverage would be included. All of this was just the other day so I don’t know if it will work or not

  • Ron,
    Thanks that worked beautifully; I’m right now on the connection in a 3g area and the performance is very fast. I don’t know why but making those little changes to the settings worked. The only change I really made was instead of WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM it was ISP@CINGULARGPRS.COM also I think restarting helped the problem as well. Thanks again for all the help.

  • Hi Justin …
    My understanding is that the AT&T 3G phones when not in an area that has 3G drop down to GSM/EDGE … I’m only guessing and not sure that if one is in a non 3G zone the settings may have to go back to the “”. Just a thought.

  • Are you using *99# or *99***1# as the dial up number?


  • I need help..I have an iPAQ 5915 and a V3. They used to work and paly well together then came the software update and they don’t want to play nice now. the V3 works fine with the laptop. I have used every combination of #99’s and user names. Can someone please give a definitive answer on this. Is it #99* or #99***#1 either one is giving me back “no modem at other number”. Devices are paired and the v3 attempts to “dial” when you tap connect. what is the correct one. I do not remember the phone “calling” the number previously. Any help would be appreciated.

  • THINKPAD owners with Bluetooth. Upgrade all the Bluetooth drivers and software and the machine will see Bluetooth phones. Specificly Nokia


  • I have used the method above to connect my RAZR with no problem. Its an old RAZR with only GSM capability. I can’t get my daughter’s Samsung Sync to connect the same way. Her phone is EDGE and 3G capable. Is there a difference in the settings?

    I ran a scan with Wireshark and found an authentication error. Apparently the default setting on her phone is CHAP and Cingular uses plain text. After that, the connection would fail in the configuration request step when asking for IP information. The phone sends a reject and the connection fails. Any ideas?

  • Make sure the phone modem is checked and not the computer internal modem. Also I had a prolem once with a incorrect dialing string. I deleted the string completely and the phone dialed right thru. Some people have said their phone required the dialup string though. *99# works. I found the fastest connect used modem compression and multi link connect, lcp, an software compression. You’ll haveto hunt down the settings. I used some line speed testing software. A usb connection is 4 times faster

  • Can any one help me please!
    I used to send files over PSTN modem connection using hyperterminal in windows where no internet connection is needed. In this, PSTN modem on other side picks up the call and communicates with the PSTN modem where from the dialing is initiated.
    In the same manner I would like use my mobile phone modem to connect other side without using Internet for file transmission. Is it possible? if possible how to do it? I tried to connect. But failed to connect. Please help me.

  • Maybe you folks can help me.

    I just got a Treo 680. It was shipped unlocked and Cingular is telling me that a phone which wasn’t originally configured for their network will not be able to get on the Internet using their system at all. Phone and text work fine.

    My previous phone was a 650 that was originally a cingular phone, which I paid to unlock. That phone was no problem.

    Is there any way to use this phone to get internet through Cingular? Or do I have to replace either the carrier or the phone?

  • Hi. Any ideas on how to set up legacy At&T mMode using axim with a razr via bluetooth? Or do I need to upgrade my plan?

  • thanks dood with your help i connected to the internet via my mobile phone on my pc but the problem is it only connected for 5mins when it dissconnected my balance was 0 is there a way i can surf the web freely using a net card

  • USB is faster but you will never hit USB 1 @ 12mbps or USB 2 @ 480mps. Bluetooth is at is fastest 3mbps using an Enhanced data rate device bluetooth 2.1 I beleive, which is way more than enough for GSM modem connection considering 3g at it’s max is only like 1.5mbps and I doubt you will get that high.

    Do not set modem compression as that is a analog dialup setting, and compression has to be set on the other end, which their would be no need since it is not convertng analog to digital, it is 100% digital.

    I would however set my DNS settings on the connection to:

    Open DNS: will increase you speed greatly:
    # akopac Says:
    November 14th, 2007 at 6:37 am

    Make sure the phone modem is checked and not the computer internal modem. Also I had a prolem once with a incorrect dialing string. I deleted the string completely and the phone dialed right thru. Some people have said their phone required the dialup string though. *99# works. I found the fastest connect used modem compression and multi link connect, lcp, an software compression. You’ll haveto hunt down the settings. I used some line speed testing software. A usb connection is 4 times faster

  • To yea though Says, you asked about internet connection sharing. There is a program called HoTTProxy that can help accomplish this. If you have a full time internet connection at home, you can run the HoTTProxy program. Your phone can then be configured so that the internet piece will connect to your home computer instead of your provider. I am working on achieving this with a Nokia 6085. I have the HoTTProxy part working, but now I have to get the phone settings correct. If I am successful, I will repost here.

  • Has anyone gotten an iPaq to work with a V3XX via Bluetooth? I keep getting connected…then 2-3 minutes later….I lose the connection.

  • Anyone get this working with Palm LifeDrive? I have tried EVERYTHING. Downloaded EVERYTHING.. ANY help would be great!

  • Killer been trying to find something like this for a bit now…only got to make sure it won’t cost an arm & leg now

  • LifeDrive works email if you know IP address of your email provider. Use to find IP address.

    I am having trouble with LifeDrive converting URL to IP. Says it cannot find DNS.

  • Changed to Open DNS:


    Works great!

  • Open DNS:

    Preferred DNS server address for Open DNS is:


    Alternate DNS server address for Open DNS is:


  • Used on ATT Edge network all last week. (Memorial Day + 4)

  • I have the Cingular 3125. If my laptop does not have Bluetooth, can I use my laptop’s modem and my cell phone to dial the ISP using the USB cable?

  • Given the following data:
    7/22/08 I switched from Verizon wireless to ATT.

    Prior to 7/22/08 for years I used a Palm Tungsten T3 PDA and via BlueTooth connected to my local ISP via a dial up connection with a local phone number.

    This enabled me to email via Palm’s VERSA MAIL and also allowed me to browse the web via Palm’s WebPro. I actually could check my gmail account via the web n this manner as well.

    Ironically, I could NOT use SMS from the Palm to the Verizon Razr and also could not dial contacts directly from my Palm through the Razr.

    AFTER 7/22/08, with a new Razr3 (3g capable), and with ATT service, I have successfully paired my Palm Tungsten3 to the new ATT serviced Razr3.

    I CAN SMS from Palm, via Bluetooth, through the Razr3.

    I CAN dial contacts directly from the Palm Tungsten3, via Bluetooth, through the Razr3.

    I CANNOT connect to my ISP using my dial up connection for web browsing or email.

    I get the follwoing error message on my Palm while the phone emits a three beep obviuos “disconnect”:
    “Service connection error ” no carrier (0x1102)”

    NOTE: I CAN call my ISP dial up number from my ATT Razr3 and it connects with the familiar tone recognition similar to a FAX “handshake”. So I know the number is good and there are no “cell tower problems”.

    When I called ATT Tech Support and ‘Advanced Network Support’, they told me “We do not support Bluetooth capability from the Palm”

    I have three simple questions:

    1. Is ATT avoiding the issue and not giving me a solution because it would not be in their best “financial” interest?

    2. Why would this setup/protocol work with Verizon Wireless and not ATT? (Does ATT have a block on my access to the ISP via a dial up number?)

    3. How can I fix this so I can connect to my ISP via my already established Dial Up Account with my ISP?

    Thank-you ALL for your consideration.


  • I used your info to get my Cingular 2125 working thru bluetooth as a modem connection for my PC. Worked great at 230Kbps. Set it to 460Kbps and it works even better. Thanks for the ino on getting it set up.

  • Wow. People with the same problems I’ve been having, when AT&T/Palm/Motorola have all been telling me what I want to do is impossible and they’ve never heard of it before.

    My setup: Motorola V3 Razr BT phone; AT&T cell service with unlimited data plan; Palm TX with Mobile High Speed software installed ( Desktop computer is not BT enabled but provides a wireless gateway for in-office use. Wi-Fi connection on Palm works fine. It’s when I leave the office that I want to use the BT connection and get into trouble.

    MoHiSpeed worked great for a while, but something has changed and I can’t seem to make the connection anymore. Bluetooth connection is made (i.e. phone & Palm can see each other) but I can’t surf the internet or connect with my email anymore. Email gives me an error message “Unable to resolve name pop.[mymailserver].com. Check your DNS settings or enter the IP address for your mail server.” Blazer (web browser) says page cannot be displayed.

    Setup is all on the Palm side, nothing in the phone except to name the phone and have it discoverable. I don’t have as many options for entering info as on a laptop/desktop, but between the built-in network and connection screens and the MoHiSpeed setup, there’s plenty of choices to make. Room for script, service, username, password, DNS, etc.

    Should I be entering the DNS for (my SMTP/ISP provider)? for my company website mail server (my POP address), which forwards my email to ameritech? should I be using Open DNS (that’s new to me, don’t know what it is)?

    Tech support for MoHiSpeed is great and very eager to help, but limited to email (they are in Germany). They can’t simulate USA settings, only suggest them.

    All the other players involved just pass the buck from one to another. I’ve spent hours on the phone with all of them, repeatedly. I suspect Cingular (alias AT&T) of changing settings to foil users like us.

    I’m in love with my Palm; please help! :-)

    Thank you in advance.

  • Hello Sir,
    Ive got a Vista laptop.
    ATT/Cingular MediaNet

    How do I setup the modem with my computer?
    Ive also got Datapilot software installed…nothing works.

    Ive also got another laptop that works. Its older but also has Vista on it.
    Please help…this is driving me crazy. I thought it should work with what Ive done already, but im getting the ppp 734 error.

    Thanks ALOT!

  • Oh I forgot to tell ya Ive got the Razr 3vxx phone.

  • Hello,
    I had a post up here and it disappeared. But anyways Ive got a Razr 3Vxx phone Ive been using it on one computer to get online with USB hook up.
    My new laptop has Datapilot installed and it tries to hook up, but fails with an 734 PPP error. Can you tell me how to setup my laptop and phone so it will work on new computer. Im using *99***1# as dial up number and as username and cingular1 as password. They arent holding for some reason.
    I dont have the other laptop at this time. Its being work on.
    Thank you very much.

  • This is all one big ripoff! Someone stole my grandson’s cell phone and he had it locked so no one could access the internet. Because of this website someone did access it and ran up a HUGE bill. You should not be allowed to divulge this kind of information. Maybe someone will sue you!

  • mac book pro
    Install driver in device manager manually choosing
    either NW01VNDIS.inf as hsdpa and NWADIEnum.inf as umts or vice versa –
    choose connect to -> setup dial up connection in vista manually
    2. Type *99***1# as the phone number. Yes, that is the phone number.
    3. Here is the information to type in the next boxes:
    password: CINGULAR1

    And it works on MAC pro under vista 64 bit ultimate with bootcamp !!! :-)

  • o hi have a lg cu 500 with old cingular /att blue and white plan can i add m mode unlimited data plan to this ? how should i set up the profile is it possible to use this sim card on Iphone 8gb how does one unlock afforementioned I phone

  • I just saw Dawns post from Feb 2009. How do you know someone used info from THIS site to gain access to his phone?

    After all his phone was STOLEN or LOST, whatever and this is not the ONLY site with this info anymore. If someone bypassed his “locking the phone” then they may have known the code and may be someone that knows him and that code.

    Or maybe he traded his phone for crack and maybe someone can sue you and he for making unsubstantiated accusations.

    There is also the fact that you might just be
    a complete idiot!

    This site has helped countless people do what tech support is untrained and unable to do.

    It is not my intention to usually flame posters but in this case you deserve it.

    I’m The Maker and I really don’t care what you think.

  • AT&T describes most of the procedure outlined here for use with their DataConnect plans. The only difference is that they leave the username and password blank instead of setting to WAP@CINGULARGRPS and CINGULAR1.

    So, if I got a new PDA phone, like the LG Incite, and used the same procedure, but using the above username and password, would tethering work without purchasing the LaptopConnect plan?

  • Dawn is a complete douche

  • how do i connect my pc with blackberry curve should i access the internet? Thanks

  • i am using w580 (sony)i have gprs activated sim of vodafone and it working properly on phone i am using vodafone live but when i am trying to conect with pc it shows errer 734 on window7 (when i am trying to conect to use dial number *99***1# ) (*99***4# it works but it is too slow) PLEASE REPLY ME thank you so much 9878555020

  • Pls thanks alot for ur effort in helping guys,pls am using nokia 6630 once i use ur settings on my dell laptop, will it work?

  • Hello I have a Nokia c3 phone on Rogers network.I know it can be faster than 921.6 kbps, but windows 7 won’t let me set the port speed higher cause that is the highest. Its over bluetooth on a dial up connection. Is there any ways to make the speed unlimited so i can get higher speedm because right now it takes 10 seconds to load Thank Ypu

  • i tried the cingular 8125 as a dial up moderm and it work @ 115 kps


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