Google Adsense Says No to Images

Well, I am sure this is going to get the award for CYA in 2006. Google has decided to state publicly that lining up images with your Adsense ads is a no-no. Well, hardy har har. I am sure they are going to run out and ban people all over the place…because I am sure that the number of publishers that are using images next to their adsense ads is in the double digits (to be conservative). Plus, making an announcement, rather posting this on the Adsense blog that very few people read, at this time of year is pretty comical as well.

Happy Holidays!!

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Jason Golod

Jason Golod

Jason is a husband and father of two living in Austin, TX.

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  • hi Jacson, i want to ask you something regarding your site, can you please drop me a line?Thanks!

  • google can say “no” to images all they want. Everybody is just on the lookout, I would love to use it. More money


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