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Sometimes I feel like a total retard (to use the 100% politically incorrect term). I have been using Google Analytics, aka Urchin, since they announced it at last year’s PubCon…where I scored a t-shirt…woooot…anyone want it? Anyway, I have noticed a few bugs since they have upgraded everyone’s accounts to 10 sites. I have an analytics account and I have an adwords account with another 10…I am living large. One thing that I really have not seemed to figure out is how to get all of the good info just for organic, aka natural, search. I think it is great that Google can help you track your PPC campaigns, but how about I get a few screens dedicated to organic search? I have assumed that this exists, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Jason Golod

Jason Golod

Jason is a husband and father of two living in Austin, TX.

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