SEM Notebook Reading List May 5, 2012

SEM Notebook Entries for May 2, 2012Here are some items from this morning’s reading list that are worthy of a look:

Social Media Marketing

5 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Page

  • Leverage the use of photos in your photo feed
  • Optimize the order of the “left side” links
  • Use “Rolling Feedback” to see trends of user interaction
  • “Like” as your brand, not just as a person
  • Optimize your default page layout

6 Tips to Increase Your Facebook EdgeRank

  • Publish Objects that Encourage Interaction
  • Create a Forum for constructive discussion
  • Leverage photos and videos
  • Share links of interest to your base
  • Keep it fresh by repurposing content
  • Ask users for action

Tweaking WordPress to Avoid “Duplicate Content” Issues

Tags, Categories, Author ARchives, Image Attachments, “ReplytoCom”, Cononical URLs, and dealing with content theft.

Finding Questionable Links Using Open Site Explorer

While Penguin has a lot of people’s attention, here is a good primer on using Open Site Explorer to investigate a website’s link profile.

 Understanding the Facebook Like Button

Not all Facebook “like” buttons are created equal.



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