How to Add Rich Snippets Authorship for HubPages

Following up on how to get your picture next to your SERP listings, I thought I would show you that you can also get Rich Snippet goodness for authoring articles on OTHER sites as well.

Today’s example is going to be HubPages.  I am not going to get into “what HubPages is” other than to say, it is a site where authors can publish articles.  They have a lot of authority in the search engines as HubPages has a lot of content to offer users.  So, if you are an aspiring author or publisher, it is a great resource to help build your own authority.

NOTE: This tutorial assumes you already have Rich Snippets showing for your own website, or you have them showing for a website that you contribute to.  If not, please see this Google Rich Snippets How-To….and that you have a HubPages account. =P

Now, on to getting Rich Snippets to show for your HubPages listings in the SERPs…

Edit Your HubPages Profile

The first thing you are going to want to do is log into your account on HubPages.  Once in there, you will click on “my profile”…

The My Account link on HubPages


…and then click on the Edit Profile link…


Edit HubPages Profile


In the text box you are presented with, you will want to modify your bio so that you have a link pointing to your Google+ profile.  The link will have to have ?rel=author appended to the end.


Adding Google+ link to HubPages bio

I would recommend the anchor text (the text of the link you will create) be your name with a “+” on the end (no space).

Clicking on the hyperlink button in the text editor will give you a pop-up like this one.  Use the URL to YOUR Google+ profile and add the ?rel=author as shown below:


Formatting the Google+ Author Link


Ok, so save all of that business and let’s move on to the next step.

Add Contributor Link to Google+

The other part that makes all of this work is “claiming” your profile on Google+ by adding a link to your hubpages profile FROM Google+.  So, as we did in my Rich Snippets tutorial, we are going to add a contributor link.  Rather than rewriting it all here, please just see my original Rich Snippets tutorial if you are not sure how to add a Contributor link to your Google+ profile.

Testing Tool Time

Now that you have added a link to your Google+ profile from your HubPages profile, and vice versa, we are ready to test things out.  Using my wife as our example again, we will put her HubPages profile URL into the Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool

Danielle's Hubpages Profile in Google's Rich Snippet Testing Tool


You should see your picture displayed next to your listing when you enter your HubPages profile URL (danielle’s is into the testing tool.  If that works, you should also be able to enter the URL for a piece of content you have uploaded to HubPages:

HubPages Rich Snippets Sample


It is really pretty simple.  If you run into problems let me know in the comments below and I will see if we can’t get it working.





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