Speeding Up Wordpress - Gravatars

Speeding Up WordPress – Gravatars

After monkeying with OptimizePress a bit and updating some on-page elements to my liking, I decided that I would see how my site was performing in some of the page speed testers.  I don’t like using these things because there are so many calls being made that I was not aware of and it typically…

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WordPress Help - Adding Updated and Author Information to Your Poasts and Pages

WordPress Help – Adding Author & Updated to Posts and Pages

The Microdata Problem Using Google’s Webmaster Tools is a great way to find little issues that might be holding your site back from ranking better in the Google SERPs.   It had been a few years since I hopped into Webmaster Tools, and when I did, I noticed a number of errors in the Structured Data…

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How To: Scan to PDF for Free

Today we are going to learn how to use free software to scan a single or multiple page document to a PDF. This is great if you have an old flatbed scanner laying around like I do. Danielle asked me if we could scan a document to PDF recently and I forgot I had a…

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How to Run Disk Defragmenter as a Scheduled Task

Command Line Kung Fu I was trying to figure out how to run Disk Defragmenter from the command line on a SBS2003 box as I was not sure how to specify what drive I want defrag.exe to run on at a specific time. Turns out that you can just browse to defrag.exe (…/system32) and then…

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iPhone and Exchange 2003 Configuration Troubleshooting How-To

Ok, I have to admit, I don’t like reading manuals. But, in the case of the new iPhone 2.0 software and Microsoft Exchange 2003, I did in fact read the Apple Exchange 2003 deployment guide. It is about zero help for someone who has configued Exchange 2003 to work with Windows Mobile devices in the…

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How to Make the POP3 Connector Check for Email More Frequently

If you are running SBS2003 and Exhange and you are using the built in POP3 connector to check for email on other pop3 boxes, you are probably really annoyed that you cannot check pop email boxes more frequently than every 15 minutes. Well, there is a way to make the POP3 Connector in SBS2003 check…

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Enabling Multiple Remote Desktop Sessions in Windows XP Professional and Media Center Edition 2005

If you have ever used a real remote computer system like Citrix, then you have probably been craving multiple Remote Desktop sessions since you first fired up Windows XP Professional and/or Media Center Edition. Here is a HACK (translated: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK), to enable multiple Remote Desktop sessions on your XP Pro or…

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