Enabling Multiple Remote Desktop Sessions in Windows XP Professional and Media Center Edition 2005

If you have ever used a real remote computer system like Citrix, then you have probably been craving multiple Remote Desktop sessions since you first fired up Windows XP Professional and/or Media Center Edition. Here is a HACK (translated: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK), to enable multiple Remote Desktop sessions on your XP Pro or MCE 2005 box:

NOTE: You will have to have knowledge of the Windows operating system and more specifically the Windows Registry. If you have no experience with the registry, then I would recommend you find someone who does or leave these alone. I do not make any kind of warranty that this will work for you or your friends. This is provided for entertainment purposes only. Don’t call me if your computer stops working. Got it?

  1. Print these directions so that you have them to work from.
  2. Restart your computer in Safe Mode – Follow this link to learn how to restart Windows XP in Safe Mode
  3. Turn off/disable Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) and Terminal Services
  1. Right click My Computer
  2. Select Properties
  3. Click on the Remote tab at the top of the window
  4. UNCHECK the box next to, “Allow users to connect remotely to this computer
  5. Click OK
  6. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services
  7. Find Terminal Services in the list
  8. Right click on Terminal Services and click Properties
  9. In the Startup Type box, select Disabled
  10. Click OK to close the window
  • Next you will replace the current version of the Terminal Services DLL (termsrv.dll) with an unrestricted version from a previous release of Terminal Services.
  1. Here is a copy of the (NOTICE: I have removed the link to this file as the one I had was reported as carrying a trojan…try googling it) – Save it to your Desktop or other suitable location
  2. Using a file manager like Windows Explorer open C:\Windows\system32\dllcache
  3. Rename the file termsrv.dll to termsrv_dll.bak or whatever you would like.
  4. Copy the downloaded termsrv.dll file (the one you just downloaded from the web) to C:\Windows\system32\dllcache
  5. Open the C:\Windows\system32 folder
  6. Delete the file termsrv.dll in C:\Windows\system32
  • Now we can edit the Windows Registry to enable more than one RDP connection. Go to Start -> Run and type regedit – Hopefully you knew that already
  • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\Licensing Core
  • Add a DWORD Key named EnableConcurrentSessions and give it a value of 1
  • Close the Registry Editor window
  • Go to Start -> Run and type gpedit.msc to run the Group Policy Editor
  • Browse to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Terminal Services and double click Limit number of connections
  • Select the Enabled button and enter the number of connections you would like to enable….at least 2.
  • Restart Windows
  • Right click My Computer and select Properties.
  • Click on the Remote tab at the top of the window
  • CHECK the box next to, “Allow users to connect remotely to this computer
  • Click OK
  • Go to Start -> Control Panel ->Administrative Tools -> Services. Select Terminal Services from the list and double click it or right-click -> Properties. Set the Startup Type to Manual.
  • Restart Windows/Computer

You should be good to go.

335 Replies to “Enabling Multiple Remote Desktop Sessions in Windows XP Professional and Media Center Edition 2005”

  1. This worked perfectly for me – now i can update programs, run messanger, and do other activities on my media center machine without bothing those that are watching tv.

  2. Tried this and it works awsome, though it will only allow 3 concurrent connections even though 12 connections are set in group policy. 🙁

    Anyone know of how to get 4 – 11 connections simultaneously?

  3. I thought this was something different….I was able to use Remote Desktop before all of these “hacks.” What I thought it was going to do would be to allow me to watch tv or something over a remote desktop connection. Alas it failed, I’m not sure what all of the above hacks are supposed to do.

  4. Matthew, as far as I know, you cannnot watch television via a RDP connection.This hack allows you to have up to 3 RDP connections to your MCE box basically allowing you to log in to it while watching television on it locally.

  5. Worked like a charm. although I ran into a slight problem but which was easily cured. you didnt mention anything about copying the new dll to the system32 directory so i just deleted the old dll, did the reg and gpedit changes, then restarted. RDC didnt want to connect. long story short I had to manually copy the new dll to the system32 directory and manually start up the terminal services service. Beyond that it works just like it should. Thanks for an awesome tut!

  6. do i really need to reboot to safe mode or it’s ok to kill svchost, disable shutdown and copy dll?

  7. how do we know that this file isnt hacked or something? I’m not saying it is, but does this file exist in server 2003 or somewhere on MS site? I would rather get this file from MS directly or from an installation of a MS product.

  8. John, you don’t. I don’t make any warranty about the file. I have used it and if you think that is good enough than go for it. I am getting married in 16 days, so I really don’t have time to track the file down for you. Good luck.

  9. John: No, it’s not the Server 2003 DLL (which, doesn’t work). I believe it’s a earlier version of the file from XPSP2 RC2 or something like that.

    There are a few other alternatives out there, I personally opted for “TerminalserverNoRestrPatch” by AntiWPA (dot) org (dot) ru which worked flawlessly for me, and did it automatically. I tested it and got up to 5 concurrent users – didn’t think I’d need more than that 😉

  10. Great hack, exactly what I needed now I can listen to different music in different rooms without having to copy the database everywhere

  11. Basically what this does is run a RDP Server in the background. The reason you can only have 3 connections is that’s the maximum allowed without buying a RDP Server License. It’s a sweet hack…so thanks for the info bro! I am gonna use it at home so I can RDP in from work and not kick the fiance off when she’s at home. 🙂 Thanks again.

  12. You should be carefull…
    The TerminalserverNoRestrPatch contains a trojan – Win32/Agent.JH

  13. I’m having trouble restarting TermServ. I get an Error 126: Module could not be found. This is when i try to manually start it in services after noticing a failure to connect after the reboot.


  14. The “HACK” not working for my Windows, i have try to connect from others terminal and Local Session was closed as same as before i use Remote Desktop Service, I am using Windows XP Profesional + SP2 + Recent Update.

  15. I do not have a C:\Windows\system32\dllcache directory. Am I supposed to create this directory? I have enable visibility on all hidden folders

  16. I have a question .. I know this is about windows XP (used this info and worked great), but i need to increase the no. of concurent connections on a Windows 2003 Server (there are only 2+1 – i kinda need around 10 connections). Is there possible to do this ?!


  17. Horia — installing terminal services on Windows 2003 (through add/remove programs >>> windows components) allows you to have more than 2 concurrent remote users…

  18. I was thinking about buying some winterms used. I saw some for $19.00 on surplus computers, and setting them up in the house using this hack to make myPC a server. I am considering this because I have 4 kids at home all on line with various old PC and different OSs. It’s a maintenance nightmare for Dad. This would allow me to do all maint.and control on one box. Do you think it will work? ..Thanks

  19. Is it possible to disconnect a remote desktop connection of a remote host from another computer?
    Because there’s a PC in my network using 2003 servet that is allowing multiple user RDC simultaneously, and some guys were using it but forgot to logOFF before closing the RDC.

  20. If you are looking for the dllcache folder, not only do you have to be able to view hidden files, you have to be able to view system files…two different settings.

    Tools –> Folder Options –> View Tab –> Uncheck the box for hide protected operating system files.

    That should do it.

  21. hello evebdy …pls tell me
    1). how can allow login remotely access xp with limited account (user).
    2).concurrent access in more easy way.

  22. sorry but i can’t find the dllcache folder on my winXP SP2…. i tried searching the entire system directory but didn’t find it.. i have the option show hidden files checked..
    how can i find it?

  23. C:\Windows\system32\dllcache is System directory of Windows, To see it, You uncheck “Hide protected operating system files” in “Explore\Tools\Folder Options\View”. Good luck to you.

  24. sorry mate.. but now i can’t find the termsrv.dll in the dllcache folder so i can rename it or delete it as stated above!!

  25. by the way.. i’ve already installed the remote desktop terminal service on my pc and can remotely login to it!!

  26. hmm, is there a “Terminal Services Manager” likes one in w2003 in XP pro? or any 3rd party apps can do that? or anyway to copy it from w2003?
    ty in advance

  27. I’m responding to the questionable origin of the termsrv.dll file. It does appear to be from WinXP SP2 Beta. This info is in the file.

    File Ver: 5.1.2600.2055 (xpsp_sp2_beta1.031215-1745)

    If you’re that worried, run it in an intance of Virtual PC first.

  28. I am using Windows XP Pro SP1, but it seems not working for SP1. Anyone confirm it’s working for SP1?

  29. Notes for this fix:

    -It will NOT work with SP1 ever.
    -You must use a DIFFERENT user to log in with
    -The DLLCache folder is an optional stage, if the file isn’t there then don’t worry. If it is then delete it.
    -The DLLCache folder is hidden, you need to “Show hidden and system files”

    Hope this helps.

  30. GREAT! This is absolutely great! A bit overflowing instructions though, I just killed all svchost.exe and ran shutdown -a

  31. I have my MCE2005 machine connected to my home theater. When I log in from an otheer computer via remote desktop the local computer/user ( the one connected to the home theater) will log out. Will this hack keep the machine loged in?

  32. Jason-

    I don’t know if you can help but here goes. Back in April I had a bug and in order to get my computer to respond I had to reformat my HD. It is a Dell 5100 that came with Media Center Edition 2005. I never received a backup disc for this program. I called Dell and they sent me a Reinstallation DVD /Winows XP Media Center Edition 2005 with update. Upon installing nowhere does it ask if I want to add or not add MCE. So it was never installed. I have tried PC Restore at the Del logo page (Cntrl-F12) but this file is history. My question to you is: How do I get this program on my computer? Do I do it manually? Is there a separate DVD just for MCE 2005?

    So far Dell has been no help for the last 4 months.

    Many Thanks

  33. John, if your question is “is this legal?”, the answer is “no”. MS Licensing allows an XP machine to be used by 1 user at a time, if you require multiple users, you should purchase the server edition, and install Terminal Services if you require more than 2 connections (excluding console access). If the question is “will they sue”, I doubt they could be bothered.

  34. Every time I replace this file, it ends up not working, and the version of the file after the reboot is 5.1.2600.2180. Its almost like something on the computer is taking the file I copy to it from above, version 5.1.2600.2055 and updating it every time it reboots. Its also deleting the copy I saved to the desktop of the machine. Could this be Norton Antivirus detecing that the file has changed and changing it, or system restore doing it or something? I am pretty much confused. I download 1 version, replace the file, and then it just goes right back. Whats interesting is the .2180 file isnt the same version as the original, it was even newer.

  35. I m using a XP pro SP2, in a domain. and i have followed the above procedure but i am unable to start more than one sessions(ofcourse with different user). are there any setting other than mentioned.

  36. Jeremy -> This is normal behaviour you are seeing with these windows system files being automatically replaced. The feature is known as Windows File Protection, designed to protect important system files. c:\windows\system32\dllcache is this “backup” copy of the original system files. If the OS detects one of the protected system files has been modified or deleted, it replaces the file automatically with the original.
    How to fix? My guess would be to replace the one in the dllcache with the new file, then delete the original and let WFP replace the deleted file with the new one you put in dllcache.

  37. ED, i have heard that this hack requires fast user switching to be enabled. this is a problem since having your computer on the domain forces you to have fast user switching turned off. you might get lucky with what dexn said though

    “TerminalserverNoRestrPatch” by AntiWPA (dot) org (dot) ru

  38. This worked for me but not exactly what I wanted. I have a PC with a all-in-wonder video card hooked to the TV. I wanted to be able to remote to that PC with my laptop without killing the display. This hack is a different user. I need to be the same user. I can use VNC to do this but it’s not near as good as a .RDP Anybody know if this is possible? My end goal is to be able to play vid’s and whatnot on the TV while seeing what I’m doing on my laptop. TV is too blurry as the only monitor.

  39. you can’t watch videos via an RDP connection as far as I know. Why not just get something like a MCE extender box or extender to watch it on a tv…or connect the tv as another monitor?

  40. Followed the instructions … Tried to RDC to no avail.

    I then proceed to try to manually start TermServ service only to get:
    Error 126: Module could not be found.

    Please advise what I need to do next …


  41. Will Microsoft’s Automatic Updates reverse our changes and replace the “hacked” termsrv.dll file with the original one?

    Also, what are the risks we give our computer by doing this. Such as security risks and maybe the possibility of computer errors?

  42. Will someone please answer the question about fast user switching and using this hack on a domain computer?

    Has anyone got this to work on a domain computer?

    It did not work for me (the righ DLL is being used, but multiple sessions are not working).

  43. Great hack but….. i’m using a DOMAIN connected computer (fast switching issue) !!!!!!!!! I see that there are those here that speak of “TerminalserverNoRestrPatch” by AntiWPA”.
    I can’t find this anywhere on the internet. Anyone knows where to get it or something like it (at it’s cost), can you email it or post it to me.
    I need this more than i need my teeth.
    O.k., let me know

    Li’ Poppet

  44. Hope this will work for you guys like it worked for me. Flawless Victory !
    P.S: i never keep my windows update ON.

    # Rob Eberhardt Says:
    April 25th, 2006 at 4:30 am

    There’s a MUCH easier way to do this. Try Sala’s Terminal Server patch: http://sala.pri.ee/?page_id=11

    I’ve done the manual way, but his patch makes it a cinch (single reboot).

  45. So I have this hack working on my xp pro machine. I can have many Remote Desktop Connections at once.

    The machine I have this hack on is a “server” machine. There is no moniter hooked up to it. What I’m trying to do is have a “console” user which is always logged in, to have a couple of applications which need to be always on run on that user.

    Once in a while I need to login and check on that user, just to see if there are any messages from the applications running on that user.

    I’m trying to use the “shaddow #” command, which requires you know the terminal ID of the user.

    I have a 2003 server machine which has this fantastic application called “terminal services manager” installed on it.

    Has anyone managed to get terminal services installed on an XP Prof. machine? or is it simply not possible?

    thanks for your help.

  46. Re: console login

    Create a shortcut to the following

    %SystemRoot%\System32\mstsc.exe /console

    This runs remote desktop and connects to the console.

    To do CTRL-ALT-DEL use CTRL-ALT-END instead.

  47. Jason, I’m running xp pro sp2. Was trying to follow the steps you gave but somehow my box doesn’t have the directory C:\Windows\system32\dllcache. If I create it manually would it still work? Thanks

  48. I tried this method on Windows Vista Ultimate 6.0 Build 5600 and after replacing the DLL the service will not start and gives this error:
    “Error 1314: A required priveledge is not held by the client.”
    After reverting back to the Vista DLL, it works again, but is still limited to 1 user at a time.
    I am going to try and get my hands on the Windows 2003 Server DLL and I’ll post here again whether that worked or not.
    By the way, in Vista you need to change the permissions and owner on the DLL before you will be able to change it. The original owner is “TrustedInstaller” and you won’t be able to do anything to it.

  49. Well I just tried with termsrv.dll from Windows 2003 Server and it gives the same error “Error 1314: A required priveledge is not held by the client.” when starting the service. So I guess I’ll have to patch the Vista’s version… (Or maybe try a Vista Business edition termsrv.dll?)

  50. TeraVilen, “Error 126: Module could not be found.” means that you need to copy the DLL into /windows/system32/ because for some reason it wasn’t copied from /system32/dllcache/ to /system32/ by Windows upon the restart. Copying it there should get rid of the error.

    Also ensure you have fast user switching enabled. With that, this worked for me.

  51. Hey Drugs —

    Any luck with Windows Vista? Has anyone had any success with concurrent multiple remote desktop sessions with Windows Vista?

  52. Hi…

    When i m trying to connect my machine using RDC from other machine and after that i m disconnecting the session my machine automatically getting shutdown. Will this problem be solved by this HACK??

  53. I’m wondering if something like this can be made to work on a Win XP Home machine. I want to be able to run one program from my wife’s PC while on my Mac in another room. I’ve been seaching for a day and can only find options for XP Pro. Any way to get termainal services or RDP to work on XP Home?

  54. There is no place in the instructions that tell you to put the termv.dll file in C:\Windows\System32 which is where Windows looks for it. Just putting it in the …dllcache folder does NOT WORK.

  55. There is no place in the instructions that tell you to put the termv.dll file in C:\Windows\System32 which is where Windows looks for it. Just putting it in the …dllcache folder does NOT WORK.

    Furthermore, when I DO copy the file from the dllcache folder into the system32 folder, it works again, BUT I AM STILL LIMITED TO ONE CONNECTION!!!

  56. I did exactly what was mentioned here and it did not work …. I’m running MCE 2005 build 2600. Any suggestions?

  57. If you don’t like the welcome screen but still want to have multiple sessions, you can enable fast user switching in

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

    Create/modify “AllowMultipleTSSessions” to DWORD value of 1.

  58. It seems like I am running into the same issue as eveyone else with Vista. Any updates on getting this to work with Vista would be appreciated!

  59. Quick question. I got this working just fine on XP. However, on Windows 2000 in Terminal Services mode I can logon twice with the same user account at once. However in XP when I do that, I get kicked out of one session. Anyone have a work around for that?

  60. I followed the steps perfectly, but when I restarted and tried to logon no connection was allowed. I can’t even do what I once could do. I then retratced my steps to get things back to normal, and I still cannot logon remotly. HELP!

  61. multi session for windows xp pro when it is connected to domain it will not work. can you replay for this. so that how to connect T.R Service in Domain network

  62. I tries this hack and first impression was that is doesn’t work – I connected to my PC from laptop and session on my PC was disconnected, I was logged on laptop but logged of from PC. Then I tried different user – and it worked. So I can have few concurrent sessions but with different users. Much better than nothing, but is there solution that allows one user to be logged in few sessions in one time?

  63. Thanks so much. Worked flawlessly even with the German XP Professional SP2

    Have to work with Windows for the first time in years (usually using Linux), and I think something like that just has to work out of the box.

    Meanwhile I realize why I switched the ship 3 years ago…

  64. Do I need to restart terminal services? When I attempt to I get error message Error 126: Module could not be found. Have I missed a step?

    Also, I am a part of a workgroup but not a part of domain. Will that create issues?

  65. The best is when you get a copy of XP service pak 3. ( yea ! that one that was never realeased) I disconnected at 17 Cconnection. Infact my old P3, machine crawled while trying to support all these connections. IT IS BEAUTIFUL

  66. GREAT! It works 🙂 with Win XP Sp2 Hun! (Of corse, with the adequate hungarian settings.)

  67. I am also running WinXP SP2, i have applied the crack, i can still use RDP for my ADMIN account, however, i still cant have my other account RDP at the same time!, why doesnt my hack work?

  68. YOU GUYS ARE ALL STUPID.. Every single one of you.. This would be a perfect site for a hacker to upload some bull .dll file or exe to enable “rdp” on xp with multiple sessions.. blah blah blah… All of you are a bunch of idiots with 7 dollar an hour helpdesk jobs.. THIS IS WHY System Admins / High level, hate you helpdesk idiots… bunch of retards drooling over a dll file that can allow you to watch a tv channel over RDP or run applications remotely… bunch of retards…

  69. Lee – You are absolutley right… These retarded helpdesk idiots all have one thing in common.. they are drooling over a file that enables RDP multiple sessions on XP Home, XP Pro.. and for the one that wants to buy 15 dollar machines and set them up as winterminals to your intel celeron crap XP box.. you are an idiot too..
    I hope all of you download a virus.. and it blows up your machines.. You are the only reason that hackers get through to any machine..
    and you dumb asses who cant find the dll cache folder… you too, are a bunch of drooling idiots…
    this forum is like level .5 helpdesk wanna be

  70. Lee and Joaquin, you are the only idiots here. You whine like an old couple, but that’s all you seem to be able to do. If you were really that good, you would have tested and analyzed that dll to make sure it’s safe or not. A bunch of clueless whiners that’s what you are hahahaha.

  71. “Don’t feed the trolls” (Lee Childress and Joaquin Torres).
    “Trolls can be existing members of a community that rarely post and often contribute no useful information to the thread, but instead make argumentative posts in an attempt to discredit another person, more often than not based on what they thought was said rather than what was actually said by the other person, concentrating almost exclusively on facts irrelevant to the point of the conversation, with the intent of provoking a reaction from others.”
    Just don’t care about them…
    By the way, i’m trying to make this patch works in a domain too!!!

  72. i fully support for the work creating multiple session for win xp pro, Lee and Joaquin are the morons, not everyone afford for the licensing things, this page is the hard word that will benefit a lot of people. Please make the domain work! Cheers!

  73. I have done the patch, i can have two users logged in at once, though only control of one at a time, but it still wont let me connect two seperate clients to this PC!

  74. I am not a helpdesk worker. I am an IT professional. I am rich. I have an awesome Dual Core XP Pro Box with this Termainl Serivices Patch. It works great so my wife can be on at home and I can remote in from a worksite to check on some things. I’m at the TOP of my game in IT so ignore the mouthy losers with nothing better to do than bash others. Live life now becuase you never know when your name gets picked!

  75. I would like to congratulate all the guys for their hard work getting this to work. I shall try the patch shortly. I decided to install Win2k3 server on my P4 with Desktop board, but was really sad when I realized that Intel Desktop Boards does not support Server drivers. The only reason I installed 2k3 Server was for multiple RDP’s. Now I can finally accomplish this thanx to you “STUPID” guys (as you were called by the two morons). I hate it when people act like children. Just because they are too stupid to follow instructions on a useful site like this, or have to much damn money.

    Regards, Giepie

  76. Is the terminal server suppose to start on its own or are we suppose to manualy staer it .. at the moment it will no longer let me log in via remote desktop, If I look at the Terminal Services I noticed that it is not started and when I try to start the service I get Error 126: The specified module could not be found.
    Can you help me with this ?

  77. Ok, I have fixed my problem .. I Just copied the dll file to the system32 folder aswell and didn’t let windows repair …. Works a treat .. Just what I needed

  78. It’s working, but I would like to remote into the same computer I’m remoting from – use one computer to create multiple concurrent sessions on that same computer.

    This would be helpful with my home theater setup.

    Any ideas how to resolve the local host issue?

  79. It worked for me but cannot use /console mode. Can anyone suggest how would I get the console mode in RDC?

  80. Looking to get several people to log in to one desktop simulteniously, using it for an office so that way we can access a specific program, can this hack do that or am I crazy? Looking to do this as an alternative to a server, tried a WAN and VPN and the specific program will not work through that method, short of buying duplicate machines and remote logging in through citrix or logmein. Please let me know. Thanks!

  81. Does anybody now how to stop a session started at the console using remote desktop?
    I am using a version of remote desktop that comes with the windows 2003 cd. It controls the console session.

  82. The dll works.

    The problem arises when it is a member of a domain.

    What I’ve done is remove it from the domain and create or join a workgroup for it. Enable Fast User Switching and Reboot. That’s it.

    Don’t forget to create user accounts and add them to the remote desktop users if they are non-administrators.

    I hope I have been of help.

  83. Dude…no offense but the crack from the site http://www.kood.org works seemlessly fine without all these hassles. Thanx for the info… I tried my best with all the info from all these posts… finally this works.

    This is for the guys endlessly trying to get the work done.

  84. The DLL works fine with 3 connections, but not for more.
    Please help me, I need more connections, about 10-12 con.

    thxs for help

  85. hey…anyone know if there’s a workaround for xp home?

    I’m dying trying to figure out how to get terminal services to work with home…I have it right up to the point where it tells me it connects then disconnects immediately…

    very frustrating….


  86. I have three computers on three floors. I want all of them to be able to control the server which is connected to a whole house music/video system. In other words, all three computers should display the same desktop/Mirror. I want to be able to control the server from any terminal to be able to play the same content on the whole house music/video system. Any suggestions? I don’t want to wire three touchscreens in parallel.


  87. worked perfectly for me. didn’t have to do much since i’m using pre-SP1 winXP 🙂

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  89. Heya, tried this atleast 10 times. It dont work for me, im running xp Pro sp2. But it just dont work. RDC works before i do the process but afterwards i cant use remote desktop at all. Help me please

  90. I dont find out C:\Windows\system32\dllcache directory. rest other setup done n followed by ur instruction but multiple access still not allowed. what should I do. help me pls.

  91. Hi,
    I have followed the procedure and i get the Unable to find module error message, does anyone of you have found the solution?

  92. Hey Folks. I got the termsrv.dll hacked to allow unlimited users (really it is set to 99) to log into XP!!


    I did some big tests with some thin clients. Here are my results:

    5 thin clients on 512mb ram, no problem. If you close the connection instead of logging off, when you try and log back in you get booted with TCP/IP error 4226. Download the 4226 patch at http://www.likestuff.com/EvID4226Patch.exe and set the connections to at least 50.

    10 thin clients got some resource errors on 512mb ram. On 1 gig, no problem. Opened lots of copies of word, excel, etc. Had my 4226 patch set at 100 connections.

    20 thin clients needed 2 gigs of ram to have each one open both word and excel. I had my 4226 patch set to 500.

    When the 21st user tried to login, I got an out of virtual memory and a BSOD (invalid page fault in module svchost.exe). I didnt have more then 2gigs of ram to try, so not sure if that woulda helped.

    Anyway folks, enjoy!


    And video:



    -Jamie M.

  93. hi
    i m facing some problem in xp
    i m not able to multiple remote login in xp
    as ur advise i have chnge .dll & make changes in registry but i can login multiple

    please be needfull


    Naresh prajapati

  94. works perfectly for me, now i can remote desktop to my computer without pissing off my girlfriend by kicking her off haha. thanks a bunch!

  95. it worked for me, you just need to log off or disconnect once your done with the session, don’t just close the session it will leave you connected from the server.

  96. you can actually see who’s logged in to the host computer using TASK MANAGER on USER TAB. You can even logoff or disconnect the remote client, or even send the client a message. cool stuff

  97. I did this, am having trouble now with remote desktop, I didn’t have any dllcache folder, but that was the only difference between my setup and the one listed here. i can login more then noce, but it locks all sessions when I do this.

    any ideas?
    I’m running XP, 2.5ghz, 1.5gigs of ram.


  98. At first, I thought it had failed. But I tried to copy the termserv.dll directly to the system32 folder and start the terminal services. Now it is working like a charm. Thank you very much for your great information. I have been searching for this solution over one week by Googling, so I have to thank Google too.

  99. Just discovered something else — you need to have “fast user switching” enabled in order for this to work. You enable that by going to Control Panel -> User Accounts and then to “Change the way users log on or off”.

    Also, one other issue I had was that I had to manually copy the termsrv.dll file into C:\Windows\System32 as well (same as Wendra a few posts back).

  100. I followed the directions exactly, double-checked my work, but when I log in using RD from another XP Pro desktop in my LAN the host machine logs off still. Fast User Switching was already enabled and I too had to manually copy the dll from the cache to System32. The host is running MCE2005, fully updated. Have there been changes to this OS that are blocking this patch since your article was written?

    Incidentally, for a variation on this there’s a post at:


    by someone named “Brian”. I tried his additional GPEdit changes but that still didn’t change the host’s behavior.

    Any suggestions?

  101. I obey the steps. I restart the laptop and start the terminal services but then I cannot make remote desktop connetion to this laptop. It gives “protocol error”. No one can connect to this laptop even only one user. I copied this new dll under the system32 too. the error is

    “Because of a protocol error detected at client, this session will be disconnected”

    Restarting was tried for several times. Also Before making all the steps in this wep page I connected to this laptop from my pc for several times. There was no protocol error.

    Urgent help please.

  102. I have already using My Windows xp as teminal server. I can log on with many user with the same time, But sometimes apper network disconnection at the corner ( top side). I check with ping, good result. ( Is it not stabil ?) and fast user swithing run with not normal in terminal server.

    help please

  103. my problem was that i didn’t have fast user switching on. it being off stopped it from working.

    hope this helps others it did for me when my brother used my computer whilst i was at college

  104. Using Remote Desktop, I am able to access my database and enter text changes via the remote computer’s keyboard. However, I am not able to read/transfer information from USB thumb drives or floppy disks that are plugged into the remote (“client”?) computer. Is there a way to do this? thank you. paul

  105. Hi Paul,

    You need to click on Disk Drives under the Local Resources tab of your Remote Desktop client software

    You will then see your local drives appearing on your remote server !

  106. THANK YOU. I carefully followed the instructions and it worked first try. WOW this is awesome. I don’t know why they don’t leave this as a feature and BRAG about it. Maybe they consider it a huge security risk for the average user. (It is, i suppose.) VERY very cool. Thanks a lot.

  107. I need a help on mstsc. System XYZ has been enabled with mstsc & works fine.
    When 2 people connect, System A or System B, the other person gets looses the connection, I understand since it is Single instance which is allowed. But I need one System A to work on that System XYZ and System B also to connect @ same time and just view What system A is doing ? How to do this. Please help. Thanks

  108. Revised instructions…

    1. Print these directions so that you have them to work from.
    2. Download the Terminal Services DLL – Save it to your Desktop or other suitable location
    3. Restart your computer in Safe Mode – Follow this link to learn how to restart Windows XP in Safe Mode
    4. Turn off/disable Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) and Terminal Services
    5. Right click My Computer
    6. Select Properties
    7. Click on the Remote tab at the top of the window
    8. UNCHECK the box next to, “Allow users to connect remotely to this computer“
    9. Click OK
    10. Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services
    11. Find Terminal Services in the list
    12. Right click on Terminal Services and click Properties
    13. In the Startup Type box, select Disabled
    14. Click OK to close the window
    • Next you will replace the current version of the Terminal Services DLL (termsrv.dll) with an unrestricted version from a previous release of Terminal Services.
    1. Using a file manager like Windows Explorer open C:\Windows\system32\dllcache
    2. If there is an existing file termsrv.dll, rename the file to termsrv_dll.bak or whatever you would like.
    3. Copy the downloaded termsrv.dll file (the one you just downloaded from the web) to C:\Windows\system32\dllcache
    4. Open the C:\Windows\system32 folder
    5. If there is an existing file termsrv.dll in this folder, rename this file to termsrv_dll.bak or whatever you would like.
    6. Copy the downloaded termsrv.dll file to C:\Windows\system32
    • Now we can edit the Windows Registry to enable more than one RDP connection. Go to Start -> Run and type regedit – Hopefully you knew that already
    • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\Licensing Core
    • Add a DWORD Key named EnableConcurrentSessions and give it a value of 1
    • Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon
    • Ensure the DWORD Key named AllowMultipleTSSessions is set to a value of 1.
    • Though this is not required, you may also wish to modify the DWORD Key named LogonType. Set to a value of 0 to force users to enter a name and password to logon locally; set to a value of 1 to force users to logon using the Windows XP Welcome screen.
    • Close the Registry Editor window
    • Go to Start -> Run and type gpedit.msc to run the Group Policy Editor
    • Browse to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Terminal Services and double click Limit number of connections
    • Select the Enabled button and enter the number of connections you would like to enable….at least 2.
    • Restart Windows
    • Right click My Computer and select Properties.
    • Click on the Remote tab at the top of the window
    • CHECK the box next to, “Allow users to connect remotely to this computer“
    • Click OK
    • Go to Start -> Control Panel ->Administrative Tools -> Services. Select Terminal Services from the list and double click it or right-click -> Properties. Set the Startup Type to Manual.
    • Restart Windows/Computer
    You should be good to go.

  109. Whoa that is a lot of steps but thanks 🙂

    Does anyone know if this work with xp home or the new windows home server ?


  110. Wow, ppl need to learn how to read, i read every comment and ppl just post questions that have already been answered… great forum btw, too bad won’t work with my xp pro 64bit

  111. Anyone know if a recent update killed this? Just tried it on a brand new XP Pro 32bit machine. Replaced the DLL, changed the policy settings, but a second login still kills the first.

  112. Can only add that this method is simply replacement of termsrv.dll. This version is not a hack. It came from the beta of SP2 and didn’t have restrictions to 1 session. Only complication is that this service can’t be stopped by normal commands. That’s why there’s a suggestion about running safe mode. But you don’t have to.

    And you can also do it remotely. I just did it. You need telnet session for that. First you upload termsrv.dll to C:\ on the target machine using terminal session or FTP. And then use the command

    sc config termservice start= disabled

    Then you restart the machine from the terminal service and reconnect telnet after it reboots. Then you replace termsrv.dll in system32 and system32/dllcache with whatever you uploaded using copy command.

    Then use

    sc config termservice start= demand

    and then

    net start termservice

    That’s all.

  113. One more addition. Other changes to policy and registry mentioned above are needed. I was only talking about replacing DLL remotely.

  114. Where is this hack supposed to be done, is it on the local computer or on the remote computer?

    Also, does it work with RDC6 (Terminal Services Client 6.0) KB925876 ? Just updated my client PC to that version

  115. Thanks Netter for the reply. But I’m still confused, does it allow 2 users (1 on client computer and the other on the server) to logon simultaneously with the same username and can actually see same contents displayed on the screen, view same documents and control same applications at the same time?

    I followed the instructions carefully but still the server does not allow simultaneous logon using the same username. It only allows one user at a time except if the other user logs on using a different username.

  116. I dont see to have a Terminal Server component in Group policy, under computer config, admin templates, win components. Only thing there is a windows update map.

    Any ideas?

  117. This is excellent! Thanks for sharing it. I have an XP Home system which does not list Remote Desktop under Accessories/Communication; tried to install and it says it is already installed. Any idea where I can find the executable file?

  118. Hi, is there a way to do a RDP session and have the other person watch what you are doing. The same as what VNC does?
    2ndly, how can you use RDP WEB without install IIS on a XP machine. There is a windows 2003 server install with many xppor clients.

    Hope someone knows the answer.

  119. Just stumbled on this site, I’ve been looking for something like this.

    Fly, Remote Assistance works like VNC but it’s kind of a hassle to get connected. Although, it does requires Windows Messenger to work.

  120. This “hack” doesn’t seem to work. When i get 2 user logged on at the same time, the new session will login and freeze.

  121. Hey guys this does work and the instructions need some attention. But overall I wanted to let you guys know I have used a hack for unlimited connections for remote desktop that actually allows you to have more than lets say 10 connections simultaneously while logged into the same PC. I have it setup on a dev box that a group of developers hit from india. Unfortunately I need it again and my firefox blew out my favorites. When I find it Ill post the link.

  122. Hi, I followed the instruction carefully, but I am having troubles most of the time … especially if local(other account) has already logged on to the system before I start remote desktop from other pc.
    I can see desktop background (using LAN connection) then remote desktop window will close automatically. If I keep on trying it will ask to log off the current user (the one already logged on) so I can remote desktop into my pc …the same way as if I were using regular/original termsrv.dll
    Any suggestions?

  123. I’ve made the install correctly and all worked (I was able to have two remote clients connected successfully,1 windows and 1 linux). However, I started experiencing errors just today : “Connection Time Out” on Linux and another error in Windows. Anyone came across this issue and a good workaround on it?

  124. Tried eveyrything as instructed, twice, once using the original instructions and one using the revised instructions. Still no go 🙁

  125. It seems to be good. I have Windows XP Home edition SP2 in my machine which has enough RAM, diskspace and Intel D915GVL motherboard. Does your solution work in this environment (in Windows XP Home)? I have an idea of installing one more graphics card (mid-range) and connecting my HDTV to it. I will use wirless keyboard with mouse to login as additional user through it. Please clarify.

  126. I have seen this working on a xp sp2 x86 but now I want to use this on a XP SP2 X64, I don’t have a file named terms.dll in the dllcache folder, what can I do?

    I’ve seen others ask this question but no-one answered them…

  127. Smarty,

    I know a lot of people is looking for 64 bit version (including myself). I will let u know once I found it


    All of these is based on the patch concept. I supposed u think Xpunlimited is also a hack !!! I doubt ThinServer is using the same hacked dll. The hacked dll does not resume disconnected state and also is not stable unlike ThinServer


    Thanks for the link

  128. M2008
    I just checked tclient.ocx and the size is only 150K, the hacked dll is 288k so I dunno what WEED u r smoking !!

  129. I’m using windows XP SP2 and tried with the above steps, but when I logon using another user id, system will kick out the existing login user id. Still cannot have multiple user id login. I’ve the message like ” The user xxx is currently logged on to this computer. If you continue this user’s windows session will end and any un-saved data will be lost. Do you want to continue? Hope that someone can help. Thanks!

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  131. I have done revised version

    but not able to login with 2 user id’s

    we are using DOMAIN.

    plz let me knw if thr is ne solution

  132. It works fine with XP SP2 but it stopped working when I installed Service pack 3.

    Do you have any experience with SP3?

  133. it works with XP SP2, but don’t work and show the message like ” The user xxx is currently logged on to this computer. If you continue this user’s windows session will end and any un-saved data will be lost, do you want to continue”.
    i’am use DOMAIN, this it’s a problem?

  134. Unfortunately this seems to be broken in Windows XP SP SP3. If anyone knows of a fix, please post. Thanks!

  135. I’m just bringing up SP3 myself. Looks like it’s back to running vnc until its re-hacked.

  136. I’ve just installed SP3 and my previous fix to the multisession was killed, and no way to get it up again.

    Yesterday I found these instructions from Jason and applied them. Did everything by the book, just one little difference: “C:/windows/system32/dllcache” does not exist. Si all I did was skip that instruction and go to “C:/Windows/System32” find the termsrv.dll delete it and paste the one downloaded from here. All the rest was just the same as explained. Very straight forward… and now: I’M BACK WITH MULTISESSIONES IN XP SP3!!!!!!

    Thx so much Jason, I use an XP machine with 2 simultaneous users sharing one app installed in that computer that can not share the data base, so I have to have multisessions to run the business (very small business… 3 people) to be able to open the this back office system app we use (one per user) without having to shut down the primary user session.

    Your the MAN!!!

  137. Windows XP SP3 RTM no user limit
    E:\WINDOWS\system32>fc/b termsrv.bak termsrv.dll
    Comparing files termsrv.bak and TERMSRV.DLL
    00022A17: 74 75
    00022A69: 7F 90
    00022A6A: 16 90

  138. The information is for you to modify the dll by yourself. The mod dll is not available anywhere as far as I know.

  139. Thanks the process works great. A note for XP SP2 build 2600 and later, the path c:\windows\system32\dllcache no longer contains termsvr.dll it resides in c:\windows\system32 directory.

    Very fast, amazing the amount of free processor and memory that is on a typical computer.

  140. Worked like a charm! I used it on a win xp sp3. There was no termsvr.dll in c:\windows\system32\dllcache. It was in c:\windows\system32 only on mine. I had three sessions so far logged in at the same time without any problems. NICE!!!
    To anyone that cant find the ‘Limit number of connections’ part make sure you are actually looking in the terminal services folder options – there is no folder that is called ‘Limit number of connections’

    Thank you so much for getting this out here for all of us!

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  142. Makasih atas informasinya y.,., belum dicoba sih, tapi baru mau saya coba untuk kantor… ^.^

  143. Tihs mod is great and Work perectly as long as you do not forget to create the EnableConcurrentSessions in the registry…

    Now I have a question…

    Is it possible to allow the same user to log two or more times ?

    I am connected as a local user and want to be able to connect with the same account remotely.

    Or I want to open two sessions.


  144. I have SP2 with normal security updates. But I cannot make this patch work. Get the same messega that the already logged in user will be logged off. My “EnableConcurrenSesssions” DWORD was already in place in registery. I only changed its value to 1.

  145. i have a problem with step

    Go to Start -> Run and type gpedit.msc to run the Group Policy Editor
    Browse to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Terminal Services and double click Limit number of connections
    Select the Enabled button and enter the number of connections you would like to enable….at least 2.

  146. I also had trouble getting more than 1 connection started after following the original instructions above. I have XP Pro with SP3. I found that there are several other registry keys that need to be modified in addition to EnableConcurrentSessions. You can find all of the reg keys that need to be edited in the zip file linked by the poster “web tasarım”, check the TS Reg Patch.reg file. Once I changed the other 4-5 keys, it worked fine with 5 unique sessions.

  147. well, hack seems to have worked for a lot of people, but not me

    the box I’m tryiing to enabled multiple concurrent RDP sessions on is running XP SP2.

    firstly, could not find dllcache folder, even after enabling ‘view hidden folders.’ So I just put “C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache” into Explorer and it went there, though there was no termsrv.dll file in that folder

    after following instructions, I first was not able to connect to the box via RDP at all. But after copying the termsrv.dll file provided to C:\WINDOWS\System32 , I was able to connect via RDP, but with only one session.

    I then tried running the TS Reg Patch.reg file mentioned by “home_network” on 22/8/08, but still unable to connect more than one user to the box via RDP (just get the usual message that the other user will be kicked off when trying to connect another user via RDP)

  148. Is it possible to allow the same user to log two or more times ? Like Windows Server 2003

    I am connected as a local user and want to be able to connect with the same account remotely.

    Luis L.

  149. Hola buenas noches esto si funciona lo unico que hace falta a mi criterio es colocar un paso número siete que seria copiar el archivo dll que descargamos a traves del link, en la carpeta system 32. Gracias ahora se puede evitar el mal rato de cerrar tu sesion si estas haciendo algo importante

  150. Very nice Jason. Fun to play with and the discussion is not bad either. 😉

    If you are at XP SP2 I found the Termserv_XPSP2_I386_1.0.exe to work well also, at least the copy I downloaded. People have got to be smart about finding and downloading files other than the termsrv.dll you recommend though. Read and understand before acting folks!!!

    And congrats on getting married! Hope things are going well.

  151. Beware of Thin Soft and their Winconnect XP client. I wish i had seen this article before i bought their stupid software. After about a year of using it, i had to change computers because the other hard drive died.

    These guys told me that in order to use my licenses that i paid $300 for, i would have to hook up the dead drive to my new computer and make it the master drive or remove the network card from the old computer. By the way, my network card is built in and cannot be removed!!

  152. Hey guys,

    I have enabled the multiple remote desktop ‘hack’, but I have run into a problem when setting multiple local users on the box. I currently have 4 different local users on the box, and if i try to use the fast user switching between the local users, it doesn’t work. How can I fix this?

    Thanks in advance,


  153. Is it possible to avoid remote machine getting locked when the machine is accessed using remote desktop from a different machine in Windows XP?

  154. I tried with your instruction for enabling multiple RDP sessions in the Windows XP Professional. There was no termsrv.dll file in dllCache folder earlier before I copy it. I had deleted termsrv.dll file from system32 folder. But It did not work for me. If possible please send the instruction to my email id properly. Please help me out to resolve this issue.


  155. “Hey for what it’s worth, while this technique did work for me, my Anti Virus software (AVG) told me that the termsrv.dll I downloaded from http://members.lycos.nl/nessyh/files/termsrv.dll was a trojan (Trojan horse Generic11.AGPO)… So proceed with care if you do this method. (Myself, I’m rolling back to an earlier snapshot of my machine!)”

    Joshua this is VERY common for anti viruses to state modified system files as viruses. If you use, or can use, multiple av scanners on that file you will get very different results.

    There is another “hack” out there that reverses an XP’s limit on TCP/IP connections from like 10 to 100. Its perfectly normal, not a problem and helps with heavy network traffic (see P2P). Anyways, several Av scanners show this as a virus, and it clearly is not. Even the creator of the file discusses this openly on his site and explains why it shows as a trojan.

    So not to worry, this is not a virus of any kind, this DLL file.

    (PS – Keygens show up as a trojan from Norton and Mcafee, not on Kaspersky or Bit Defender. Go figure)

  156. Everything works fine of course. There’s only one thing I can’t manage. In windows 2003 (for example) I can have multiple logins from same account (i.e. from console and RDP by the same user at time) and both are two independent sessions. In windows XP, after this hack I can’t login at the same user both to console and RDP or on two independed RDP sessions. When user “X” is logged in at console, every try to logon at this user via RDP causes to disconnect user “X” from console. Do you have any solution on that ?

  157. i have Windows XP Pro SP3

    Everything work fine, but
    And I Have WIndows XP Pro 64Bit i need the termsvr.dll for 64bit version of windows xp, if any one have or know where to download please post it

    Good work Thanks

  158. After running gpedit.msc I can’t find the “Terminal Services” group policy under Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components to complete the setup. I’m running XP Pro SP3. Any advise would be appreciated.

  159. HELP

    In principle it works for my. Several users can RD-connect to this PC and work.

    BUT I can’t control it locally. When booting the usual starting screen (with the dots running from left to right) appears. After that I get either a black screen or a light blue screen with the mouse showing up (color depending on log on mode (showing users to click on vs. old mode with user and pass to be entered manually)). But it is impossible to log onto that PC when sitting in front of it because I can’t do anything while these black/blue screen appears (also tried strg alt del to log on).

    I tried to remove it all (rereplace termsrv.dll and remove registry entry and gpedit.msc change) but still the same.

    Please can anyone help me to get it either working correctly or completely remove it? Thank you in advance!!!

  160. UPDATE: I installed this patch I’m able to have Multiple Remote Desktop Sessions in XP SP3 without needing a group policy setting for “Terminal Services”. 🙂

  161. Great hack.

    The functionality of the manager (user tab in taskmanager) is the same as the Terminal Service Manager in 2003server.

    Limitation is max 3 sessions and Netware send popup from 1 user gets on the screen of all users.

    Thanx for this hack and keep up the good work!

  162. Is there a reason for why everything but the place where you make the change setting to (2) not be there. All other setting were there, but just that. hmmm…I was thinking possibley due to an windowsupdate or service pack update. please let me know.


  163. Works like a charm but:
    – copy the dll to system32 to. I renamed both old dll to bak.
    Taking over the session of the other users doesnt work here.
    Like when someone is logged in you usualy can click the user and say take over. In case you need to assist.
    I declare what kind of key stroke i have to make to disconnect from them and… nothing.
    So I installed vnc next.
    Multiple users under xp, well vnc doesnt see it as a second or third screen.
    Normaly i would connect like:
    XP_SP2_PC:0 (main screen)
    XP_SP2_PC:1 (second screen/user logon)

    vnc will not load in the the other users. ok one minus point if whe add the thing up.

  164. I am using Windows 64 bit s system since the computer that wee arranges use of 8 gb of RAM and I need use all of the memory. We are many users and wee want to use it all of us at the same time.

    have any got a program like Termiserv_XPSP2_i386_1.0 patch for windows xp 64 bit system? or other solution for xp 64 bits sp2?
    Thank you very much

  165. Dear friend,
    Thank you so much for multiple remote desktop solution. It is great. I have done that on a computer with Windows XP SP2. I can connect to the server remotly but after few minutes and some times few seconds the connection is getting lose and the server is logging off also. Please advice me what is the problem urgently. Many thanks in addvance, Ali

  166. To Netter

    U are a spammer aren’t ya?

    U told people to try this software for over 10 times here…

    If this software is so amazing than why do you need to advertise so much???

    Have a good day…

    BTW.. Nice hack

  167. I’ve followed all the steps as described.

    There was no termsrv.dll in dllcache, so I replaced the one in System32 (as mentioned by other posters).

    I’ve rebooted and checked the version and it is still the replaced one (…2055).

    However, I still get the same response that I got before I made any changes. i.e. I’m limited to a single user.

    Any suggestions?

  168. Hello,
    Just a little ” hello ” from France.
    I’ve try the multisession on XP PRo with the version 2180 of termserv.dll, it’s great !
    Few connections in same times, just what i need.
    Thank you for all people working on this project.
    Good bye

  169. Hi All,
    I used windows xp with SP3

    Done the required step to allow multiple logins but not success.

    Can somebody tell me whether it works with the version of windows i have in place?

    if not thus the replacement of the dll file create problelm during the daily activities on the machine?

    Quick reply is highly expected.

  170. You must note two things:

    1. After deleting the termsrv.dll from C:\Windows\system32 you must put the new one.

    2. You must use the Fast User Switching

    If you don’t pay attention to this the hack won’t work.

  171. I have 2 SP3 pc’s and it worked fine on one pc and it did not work the other pc. But try again…make a system restore to the day before you changed the setting and try again.

    I my case there was no termsrv.dll in the dllcache folder, so I put the new dll file in the systel32 folder AND the dllcachefolder. If not, i had a 126 error.

    Now i am testing on the the 3th SP3 Xp computer…we will see.

  172. Hi All!

    I have tried and it works for Win Xp but I need an urgent solution for windows 2003 enterprise edition.

    I can connect 2 users which is obvious. Terminal server trial has now expired.



  173. I am using xp2 on a intel celeron laptop.
    my query is,the above mentioned hack says,

    open C:\Windows\system32\dllcache
    Rename the file termsrv.dll to termsrv_dll.bak or whatever you would like.

    Copy the downloaded termsrv.dll file (the one you just downloaded from the web) to C:\Windows\system32\dllcache

    Open the C:\Windows\system32 folder
    Delete the file termsrv.dll in C:\Windows\system32,

    But i have read another article on

    kindly read the hack given on the above url,

    Actually i am getting confused,which hack shall i use,currently i have tried the steps given on this url on my laptop.after doing these steps i couldnt connect the laptop machine from my desktop where the configuration are done.

    an error of 126 occur.
    file termsrv.dll has to be deleted from system32\,as per given in this configuration on this url.

    later i did copied the termser.dll file in system32\,now i can connect RDC to the laptop machine from desktop machine.
    But,when i log on to the laptop machine,RDC gets disconnected.so i suppose the hack is not working properly on my laptop.

    Also do i have to install a different program of terminal services DLL,to run RDC for multiple users.

    My purpose of RDC is just to keep a track on office pc`s and internet cafe`s wher we have provided internet connections.
    Actually i run an internet network in a radius of 7 Kms,with 300 above customer and 22 internet cafe`s.

    Kindly help me,also guide me if i am going wrong in doing the configurations.

  174. Thank you!! very good instructions and easy to follow. It is working perfectly on tinyxp rev09 (03)

  175. It is unfortunatelly not working.. I did everyting but it still needs to log of the sessions on the XP machine… how is this possible? Who can help

  176. Don’t work. Now I can’t even connect to this computer using remote desktop anymore. My system is windows xp pro sp3.

  177. I have a question as I am pretty new to networking. Will this allow me to have 2 remote c omputers access the host computer at the same time without logging each other off? I am looking to have 2 computer cash registers run at the same time using a host computers drive that has all the inventory and program so both remotes need to be able to access and run the same program from the host at the same time without logging one or the other of. Or if this will not work what can i do to do so? A program of some sort?

  178. Hi Dude! everything i did, but my terminal service could not start,when i try to start its getting “error 126 service could not start”..Pls help me ASAP..How can i resolve this error?

  179. hey thanks buddy.. it worked for me too..
    I just tried it once… and resolved my issue.. I am now able to provide any number of remote desktop connections in my office.

    Thanks again..

  180. Worked for me, but had to manually copy the termsrv.dll to the c:\windows\system32 too (dllcache was not enough), had to start the terminal services in the control panel, services etc window and ignore some windows warnings about it not being an original file.
    this was with service pack 2

  181. i got it to work with mult-users but the keyboard/mouse functions lock up when another user logs in.. anyone else having this problem? XP MCE..

  182. Hello Jason,

    Thanks for this information.. It was indeed a big achievement. However, I was wondering if there was something like this that could be done for Windows 7. Please let me know as I am using Windows7 and would like to have this on my machine..



  183. i have a problem with step, successfully added dword key and set it to ‘1’, later in
    Start -> Run and type gpedit.msc to run the Group Policy Editor
    Browse to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> I am not getting “Terminal Services”. i cross checked twice, every thing seems ok but i wonder why i am not getting “terminalservices” through gpedit.msc!!!

  184. Has someone tested this with a computer which is part of a Samba-Domain?

    Mine is and for me this doesn’t work, even with Termiserv_XPSP2-SP3_i386_2.1.zip I can’t get it to work. Tested it with a VMware copy and it worked…

    Could someone approve that?

  185. Tried this trick and failed — if console session let’s say User1 logged on, I’m connection via RDP to patched PC (XP SP3) with the same User1 credentials — the RDP session hangs for a minute then disconnects…

  186. This did not work for me as the termsrv.dll file is not available when I tried to download it so i used one I had from another website. I have tried 3 different version of this hack from different places and none of them work. All very similar, hack registry, hack gpedit, replace custom termsrv.dll with custom termsrv.dll. I am doing this on virtual XP SP2 and I can remote log in before I do the hack afterwards I can not even log into one session, this hack does not work like all the others have tried.

  187. Hi all,

    Procedure explained on this page didn’t work (can’t find Terminal Service in Group Policy Editor…)

    On the other hand, method mentionned by Brendan (with Termiserv_XPSP2-SP3_i386_2.1.zip patch) works like a charm.

    Good luck.

  188. To work in a machine which is part of a domain (AD or Samba/LDAP) you MUST enable it in the registry:
    “AllowMultipleTSSessions” must be “1”. (find it with regedit.exe)

    For default (all time the machine is started) Windows set this value to “0”. Then you must change it to “1” to made the solution explained here, work.
    This must be execute with administrative rights, so, you will have to execute some command with another user/password (with administrative rigths), because for default i expect, not all users have this rigths. One solution is to use the command runasspc.exe, which you can execute inside a batch program in a non interactive way.

  189. has anyone tried this with SP2?


    tried this on SP3 works like a charm. only problem i want to try on SP2. thanks

  190. Si funciona buy bien en SP3 de XP-Pro, lo unico es que un paso fue omitido en las instrucciones, que el archivo ademas de pegarse en DLLCACHE, tambien deben hacerlo en SYSTEM32, y trabaja a la perfeccion.

    referente a lo que dijeron arriba que es un spamer, eso si no lo se, me dare cuenta en algunos dias si el anti-spam de mi proveedor lo detecta..

    pero para multiterminal funciona muy bien.

  191. Got to gpedit.msc and right click on Administrative Templates and select add/remove templates select Add… and choose all the templates but the AER_* ones and you should get your GP back.!

    “Start -> Run and type gpedit.msc to run the Group Policy Editor
    Browse to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> I am not getting “Terminal Services”. i cross checked twice, every thing seems ok but i wonder why i am not getting “terminalservices” through gpedit.msc!!!”

  192. Hi we tried the same but it is not working at all. tell me if you have any real solution to establish multiple remote connection on windows xp.

  193. I can’t find the Terminal Service in the group policy “Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components”

  194. Luchris > just click on the administrative templates with right mouse button and select Add/remove. click add button and add system.adm or config.adm. and Terminal service must be under Windows Component.

  195. Worked, not out of the box, i was already wondering when i did it why
    # Open the C:\Windows\system32 folder
    # Delete the file termsrv.dll in C:\Windows\system32

    and not copy the termsrv.dll you downloaded there

    after coping it also there it seems to work actually

  196. This is an AMAZING hack! Works great, it’s VERY important to follow all instructions closely. And if you haven’t edited your system registry before or run mscedit.exe – I wouldn’t advise doing this. (Get a friend who knows more to help!).
    Great blog!!!!

  197. Works fine for me, but the problem I encounter was it takes time before the session loads up. Though there are only two sessions present, I have to wait for about 10-15 mins. Any thought of this?

  198. I am using VNC Enterprise Edition 4.2.6 on a Solaris 10 box and having a problem. It won’t launched after the login screen, it crashed. Anyone know or might be able to drop me a line? I am thinking it might have to do with xstartup?


  199. Fabulous, worked perfectly, the only thing i did different was to also copy the termsrv.dll in the c:\windows\system32, which the notes said to delete the file only.

    Thanks for a great post!!

  200. unfortunatelly it doesn´t work for me and in system log I found error “Terminal service is not valid Win32 application”

  201. good job!

    it worked after i enabled the user acount switcher… (sorry i have’nt the right name, i use a french version of xp)

    Start -> Control Panel -> user acounts > “modify how users open and close sessions” > CHECK : “use home screen” and CHCK : “use the swift user’s switch”

    sorry for the bad translation ^^

  202. Yeah, cool, thank’s, working for me… but… lot of details missing on the road.
    The most important for me :

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
    AllowMultipleTSSessions -> 1


  203. the solution has been working perfectly till I kept the computer off the internet.
    But as soon as I connected the internet, some hidden windows updates (even when the auto updates option was off) stopped it.

    I have tried it at least 4 times by restoring ghost.

    How can I disable stealth auto updates??

  204. i gone thru every step from here and yet i still facing problem..

    I’m using windows XP SP2 and tried with the above steps, but when I logon using another user id, system will kick out the existing login user id. Still cannot have multiple user id login. I’ve the message like ” The user xxx is currently logged on to this computer. If you continue this user’s windows session will end and any un-saved data will be lost. Do you want to continue? Hope that someone can help. Thanks

  205. Running XP MCE SP3. I couldn’t get the original hack to work, but I used the Terminal Services patch Brendan linked to and it worked perfectly.

  206. 5.5 years later … works almost exactly as described – thanks! Replace *both* occurrences of termsrv.dll in system32 and system32\dllcache (and copy one or the other to your desktop under a different name if you think you might need to revert to the old behavior). Also set Service Terminal Services to Automatic – you may need to manually start it the after rebooting

  207. I did everything according to the instructions given in here.
    But I’m getting an error when I try to start Terminal Services.

    Error says :

    “Could not start the Terminal Services service on local computer
    Error 126 : The specified module could not be found”

    Plus, I did start the dependant service before I start the “Terminal Services”
    I’m using XP box with sp 3

    BTW, the new dll I got from the website is only 74kb. Kind a small file compare to the original.

    Do you guys have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.


  208. This didn’t work. I followed all of the steps, but when I RDP it still takes over someone else’s session

  209. Also I need to add that since I have a dual boot pc I booted into vista and did all the dll copy/del/rename in the XP system files without the need to shutdown-restart services/safe mode etc and it still worked fine.
    Thanks again

  210. This worked on win Xp SP3. However, after delete termsrv.dll on step 6, I also copied the modified termsrv.dll for system32 folder, like was done in dllcache.

  211. This is just stupid…. where are you meant to find the hacked down version of termsrv.dll when you dont list any sources of where this can be downloaded from??????

  212. Awesome post! Thank you very much to provide all steps to install programs. Just my one question to concerning that Know how this will work for Windows Server 2007?

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