Keyword Research: Google’s “People Also Ask”

Researching keywords is one of the building blocks of Search Engine Optimization or what is commonly referred to as “SEO.”  While we have come a long way from the days of using or Overture to find search terms that are related to a term we are interested in, the results are largely the same.

As you certainly know, searching for something on Google will typically result in a list of things “People Also Ask” which is similar to product suggestions on Amazon.  It gives us a glimpse into how Google associates different searches as well as a glimpse into what people are looking for that is related to our original query.

While most free keyword generators found online will give you many iterations of the same basic query, Google’s current suggestions will typically show you related searches that may not include any of the words in your original query.

To illustrate the difference, I asked ChatGPT for “search terms related to google suggestions or google people also searched for.” Here is what the AI tool came up with:

  • “Google autocomplete suggestions”
  • “Google search suggestions”
  • “Google related search terms”
  • “Google ‘people also searched for'”
  • “Google suggested search queries”
  • “Google search dropdown suggestions”
  • “Google suggested keywords”
  • “Google search bar suggestions”
  • “Google search predictions”
  • “Google search completion suggestions”

Entering the search query, “people also ask” directly into Google yields this:

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